Rumiko Manbagi

Original Name: 万場木 留美子
Romaji Name: Manbagi Rumiko
Nicknames: (None specified)
Series: Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Age: (Not specified)
Weight: (Not specified)
Height: (Not specified)
Date of Birth: (Not specified)
Blood Type: (Not specified)


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A vibrant character from “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu”.


Rumiko Manbagi, a prominent character in the manga and anime series “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.”, has a cheerful and lively personality. At first, she struggles to make friends, much like the series’ protagonist, Komi. However, her encounter with Komi changes her life as they quickly develop a strong friendship. As the story progresses, Rumiko is revealed to have romantic feelings for Tadano Hitohito, adding another layer of complexity to her character.


Rumiko Manbagi enters the series as a sophomore at Itan Private High School. She begins her high school journey without any friends, which makes her relatable to Komi, who also struggles with social interactions. However, Rumiko’s life takes a positive turn when she befriends Komi, becoming the first person in the story to befriend her without any intervention. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of a significant character arc for Rumiko.


Rumiko Manbagi has a distinctive gyaru style. Her appearance is characterized by fashionable clothing, trendy makeup, and dyed hair. Her vibrant and eye-catching style exudes confidence and individuality. Rumiko’s physical appearance, coupled with her outgoing personality, makes her a fascinating and visually appealing character in the series.


While Rumiko Manbagi’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the available sources, her most notable strength is her ability to form meaningful relationships with others. Despite her initial difficulties in making friends, she is able to break through social barriers and form a close bond with Komi and Tadano. Her determination and warmth enable her to overcome personal obstacles and contribute to the growth of the story’s central relationships.

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Rumiko Manbagi comes from the manga series “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.” created by Tomohito Oda. The series follows the daily life and interactions of Shouko Komi, a high school girl with communication difficulties, and the people she meets along the way. Rumiko’s character is introduced as a new main character in the story, bringing new dynamics and perspectives to the narrative. Her role as the first person to befriend Komi independently adds depth and meaning to her character arc.

Rumiko Manbagi – FAQ

FAQ 1: Who is Rumiko Manbagi?

Rumiko Manbagi is a character from the manga series “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu”. She is one of the main supporting characters in the series and plays an important role in the story.

FAQ 2: What is Rumiko Manbagi’s personality like?

Rumiko Manbagi is portrayed as an outgoing and friendly girl. She is known for her cheerful demeanor and her ability to get along with almost everyone. Despite her popularity, she harbors a secret that she is afraid to reveal to others.

FAQ 3: What is Rumiko Manbagi’s secret?

Rumiko Manbagi’s secret is that she has a completely different appearance when she is not wearing her makeup. Without her makeup, she looks quite plain and feels insecure about her natural appearance. This is a source of anxiety for her, and she goes to great lengths to maintain her attractive appearance.

FAQ 4: How does Rumiko Manbagi’s secret affect her relationships?

Rumiko Manbagi’s secret creates a dilemma for her. She fears that if people see her without makeup, they will no longer find her attractive or want to be her friend. As a result, she hesitates to form close relationships for fear that her secret will be revealed.

FAQ 5: Does Rumiko Manbagi ever reveal her secret?

Yes, as the story progresses, Rumiko Manbagi makes friends with Komi Shouko, the protagonist of the series, and several other characters. Through these friendships and the support she receives, she gains the courage to reveal her secret and embrace her natural appearance.

FAQ 6: How does Rumiko Manbagi’s character develop over the course of the series?

Rumiko Manbagi undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a popular and confident girl, her struggles with her appearance and fear of rejection make her a more complex and relatable character. As she opens up to others and learns to accept herself, she becomes more confident and strengthens her friendships.

FAQ 7: Are there any romantic relationships with Rumiko Manbagi?

Yes, Rumiko Manbagi develops romantic feelings for Tadano Hitohito, another main character in the series. However, her initial attraction is based on Tadano’s kindness and his ability to see her without makeup. As the story progresses, the dynamics of their relationship evolve, adding depth to Rumiko’s character development.