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Koukaku Kidoutai


Original Name (Japanese): トグサ Romaji Name: Togusa Nicknames: N/A Series: Ghost in the Shell Age: 27 years old Weight: Not specified Height: Not specified Date of Birth: Not specified Blood Type: Not specified Togusa Personality Togusa is described as the second most prominent male character in the Ghost in the Shell franchise. He is portrayed […]


Original Name バトー Romaji Name Batou Nicknames Batto, Bato Series Koukaku Kidoutai Age Varies throughout the series Weight Varies Height Varies Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Batou from “Koukaku Kidoutai”: A closer look at the iconic character Personality Batou, also known as Batto or Bato, is a prominent character in the Koukaku Kidoutai […]

Motoko Kusanagi

Original Name 草薙 素子 Romaji Name Kusanagi Motoko Nicknames Major, The Major Series Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost in the Shell) Age Varies in different adaptations Weight Varies in different adaptations Height Varies in different adaptations Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Motoko Kusanagi, also known as “Major”, is a prominent character in the “Koukaku Kidoutai” […]