Japanese Name タチコマ
Romaji Name Tachikoma
Nicknames Spider Tanks, AI Walkers
Series Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex
Age N/A (Artificial Intelligence)
Weight Varies
Height Varies
Date of Birth N/A (Artificial Intelligence)
Blood Type N/A (Artificial Intelligence)

Tachikoma from “Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex”

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Tachikoma, the AI walker/roller tank from the “Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex” anime series, has a unique and childlike personality. Despite being part of a government special forces team, Tachikoma has a curious, cheerful, and active demeanor. They are known for their curiosity and their tendency to come up with bright ideas. Each Tachikoma has an individual artificial intelligence, but they are synchronized every night, resulting in identical memories. However, their distinct personalities and opinions set them apart from each other.


Tachikoma are a prominent character in the “Ghost in the Shell” universe, specifically in the “Stand Alone Complex” sub-universe. They are AI combat vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence. Tachikoma units can function as both personnel transport units and mobile weapon platforms. They take orders from human agents, but can also be controlled directly from a cockpit located in their abdomen.


Tachikoma units are about the size of a small car and are medium blue in color. They have four “eyes” distributed over their bodies. Three eyes are located on the “head” while one is located below the abdomen. These expressive eyes, which resemble pinholes, can convey emotions in a typical anime style. Tachikoma units have four legs and two arms, allowing them to move by walking or driving at high speeds using wheeled footpads on each leg. Their design incorporates a holonomic propulsion system that allows them to move omnidirectionally. In addition, Tachikoma units have various abilities such as jumping long distances, adhering to vertical surfaces, using thermoplastic camouflage, and using adhesive string launchers for grappling and rappelling.


Standard Tachikoma equipment includes a 7.62x51mm light machine gun mounted in the right arm, a secondary weapon hardpoint in the “snout” (which can be a 50mm grenade launcher or a six-barrel 12.7x99mm Gatling gun), and a universal cybernetic plug on an extendable cable in the left arm. They also have a built-in thermoplastic camouflage system. Tachikoma units have advanced AI capabilities that allow them to engage in conversations and make independent decisions. Their childlike AI contributes to the comedic relief of the series.


Tachikoma originate from the “Ghost in the Shell” universe, specifically the “Stand Alone Complex” sub-universe. They were designed as AI walker/roller tanks to assist the special forces team known as Section 9. Tachikoma units play a significant role in various iterations of the franchise, including the original “Stand Alone Complex” series, its sequel “2nd GIG”, and the movies “Solid State Society” and “SAC_2045”. Tachikoma’s design and capabilities make them one of the most advanced AI units in the fictional universe.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character profile of Tachikoma from MyAnimeList.net and additional references as needed.

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Tachikoma – FAQ

What is a Tachikoma in “Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex”?

A Tachikoma is a fictional robot vehicle in the anime series “Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex. It is an AI-controlled, spider-like tank developed by the fictional organization Section 9.

What are the abilities of a Tachikoma?

Tachikomas have several advanced abilities. They are highly maneuverable and can move quickly over any terrain. They have artificial intelligence that allows them to communicate with each other and their human operators. In addition, Tachikomas are equipped with advanced sensors, weapons, and hacking capabilities.

Can Tachikomas talk and have personalities?

Yes, Tachikomas can talk and have distinct personalities. They are programmed with individual AI personalities that evolve over time through their interactions and experiences. This aspect often leads to philosophical discussions and introspection about the nature of consciousness and individuality in the series.

What is the role of Tachikomas in “Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex”?

Tachikomas serve as valuable assets to Section 9, the main group of protagonists in the series. They are used for various tasks, including reconnaissance, combat, and transportation. Tachikomas also contribute to the story through their interactions with the human characters, offering unique perspectives and moral dilemmas.

How do Tachikomas interact with their human operators?

Tachikomas communicate with their human operators through speech and a special network called the Tachikoma Intercom. They can understand human speech and engage in conversation, often displaying a childlike curiosity and desire to learn and understand the world around them.

Are Tachikomas sentient beings?

The sentience of the Tachikomas is a recurring theme in the series. While they show signs of self-awareness, emotion, and individuality, the extent of their sentience and consciousness is debated. Their evolving AI personalities and ability to question their existence blur the lines between artificial intelligence and true sentience.