Jusetsu Ryuu

項目 情報
日本語名 柔雪流
Romaji名 Jusetsu Ryuu
愛称 なし
シリーズ なし
年齢 情報不明
体重 情報不明
身長 情報不明
生年月日 情報不明
血液型 情報不明

Jusetsu Ryuu from “Koukyuu no Karasu”: A Character Analysis


Jusetsu Ryuu, the main protagonist of the anime series “Koukyuu no Karasu”, has a complex and fascinating personality. At the age of sixteen, she holds the prestigious title of “Raven Consort”. Despite her young age, Jusetsu is known for her tsundere attitude, often displaying a cold and distant demeanor towards others. However, underneath her tough exterior, she has a kind and compassionate heart.
Jusetsu’s love for baozi, her favorite food, is a notable aspect of her personality. Despite her stoic nature, she cannot resist indulging in this delicacy. This vulnerability adds a touch of endearment to her character, showing her more human and relatable side.


Jusetsu is one of the last surviving members of the Luan family, a former dynasty known for their distinctive silver hair. However, due to false accusations of treason, her family was wiped out by a powerful man named Yandi. In an effort to protect her, Jusetsu’s mother had her silver hair dyed black to hide her true ancestry.
Orphaned and forced into slavery, Jusetsu’s life took a drastic turn when she was chosen by the former Raven Consort as her successor. She was raised and trained within the inner palace, residing at the Ye Ming Palace. Only a select few, including Emperor Gaojun, Wei Qing, and the residents of Ye Ming Palace, know her true identity and the secret of her hair color.


Described as a beautiful young girl, Jusetsu has pale skin and a slender figure. Her most distinctive feature is her long black hair, which is tied in two loops and secured. This hairstyle, along with her black hair dye, is a constant reminder of her hidden heritage.


Jusetsu possesses extraordinary abilities, utilizing mysterious arts such as spirit summoning and exorcism. These powers allow her to perform various duties within the palace, although her title of Raven Consort does not require nighttime duties. Her mastery of these arts demonstrates her dedication, skill, and importance within the Inner Palace.


Jusetsu Ryuu’s story is set in the fictional world of “Koukyuu no Karasu”. As the youngest heir to the title of “Raven Consort,” she plays a crucial role in the palace hierarchy and the series’ intricate political dynamics. Her journey from slavery to Raven Consort demonstrates her resilience and determination, making her an integral part of the story.

Jusetsu Ryuu – FAQ

What is Jusetsu Ryuu?

Jusetsu Ryuu is a martial art style featured in the manga and anime series “Koukyuu no Karasu”. It is a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on powerful strikes, precise movements, and a deep understanding of the body’s energy flow.

Who is the founder of Jusetsu Ryuu?

The founder of Jusetsu Ryuu is Master Takashi Yamamoto. He dedicated his life to studying various martial arts and eventually developed Jusetsu Ryuu based on his extensive knowledge and experience.

What are the main principles of Jusetsu Ryuu?

Jusetsu Ryuu emphasizes three main principles: balance, concentration, and fluidity. Practitioners strive to maintain a harmonious balance in their movements, focus their energy on each technique, and execute their techniques with smooth and flowing movements.

What are the training techniques used in Jusetsu Ryuu?

Training techniques in Jusetsu Ryuu include kata (prearranged forms), sparring, conditioning exercises, and meditation. Practitioners engage in repetitive practice to develop muscle memory, improve timing and coordination, and cultivate mental discipline.

Is Jusetsu Ryuu suitable for self-defense?

Yes, Jusetsu Ryuu can be effective for self-defense. It combines powerful strikes with defensive techniques and teaches practitioners how to use their opponent’s energy against them. However, it’s important to note that real-world self-defense situations can be unpredictable, and practical experience and adaptability are crucial.

Can anyone learn Jusetsu Ryuu?

Yes, Jusetsu Ryuu is open to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to its practice. It can be learned by people of all ages and physical abilities. However, as with any martial art, progress and mastery require consistent training, discipline, and patience.