Japanese Name 蜘蛛子
Romaji Name Kumoko
Nicknames “I”, The nightmare of The Labyrinth
Series Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Age Unknown
Weight Varies (as a spider)
Height Varies (as a spider)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kumoko from “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? – An extraordinary spider


Kumoko, also known as “I,” is a fascinating character with a unique personality. In her former life as a high school student in present-day Japan, she was a shut-in who immersed herself in video games. This lifestyle shaped her into an individual with exceptional mental strength and strategic thinking. Despite being reborn as a spider, Kumoko uses her intelligence and cunning to navigate and survive in her new world. She demonstrates remarkable adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges, making her a fascinating and engaging protagonist.


Kumoko’s background is an interesting mix of her former life and her current spider form. After meeting an unfortunate end in her original human body, she was reborn as a spider. However, she retained the memories of a girl named Hiiro Wakaba, who served as a substitute for the real one. This unique circumstance adds depth to her character as she struggles with her dual identity and tries to make sense of her new existence.


As a spider, Kumoko has a distinctive and captivating appearance. While her physical form may appear ordinary, her true strength lies in her abilities rather than her appearance. It should be noted that Kumoko’s human appearance is not explicitly described in the available information, as her story revolves primarily around her spider form and the challenges she faces in the world of “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?


Kumoko’s abilities are nothing short of extraordinary. Despite her initially low stats as a spider, she compensates with her mastery of agility, spiderweb manipulation, and venomous fangs. Her keen intellect allows her to employ clever battle tactics, making her a formidable opponent. Over time, Kumoko becomes known as “The Nightmare of the Labyrinth” and gains a reputation as a man-eating god. Her abilities and growth throughout the series make her a fascinating and powerful protagonist.


Kumoko’s origin story is closely tied to the events surrounding her reincarnation. She finds herself in a new world as a spider due to an explosion that occurred while she was in a classroom. This event leads to her transformation and gives her the memories of Hiiro Wakaba. The circumstances of her reincarnation and the merging of her identities contribute to the complex and compelling nature of her character.

Kumoko – FAQ

Who is Kumoko in “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka”?

Kumoko, also known as Shiraori, is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? She starts out as a high school student who is reincarnated into a world as a small spider monster.

What are Kumoko’s abilities?

Kumoko has a unique set of abilities that make her a formidable character. She has exceptional agility, the ability to spin webs for various purposes, and she can use powerful magic spells. In addition, Kumoko has the ability to evolve and gain new skills as she defeats monsters and gains experience.

How will Kumoko interact with other characters?

As a spider monster, Kumoko primarily interacts with other creatures in the world she’s been reincarnated into. She encounters various monsters, humans, and other creatures on her journey. While initially focused on survival, Kumoko forms complex relationships with several characters, including both allies and adversaries.

What are Kumoko’s goals?

Kumoko’s initial goal is to survive in the harsh and dangerous world she finds herself in. As she gains knowledge and power, her goals expand to include unraveling the mysteries of her new world and finding a way to return to her human form. She also seeks to uncover the truth behind her reincarnation and the nature of the world itself.

Does Kumoko have any weaknesses?

While Kumoko has incredible abilities, she also has weaknesses. As a small spider, she is physically vulnerable and lacks the strength and size of larger creatures. In addition, her reliance on magic and her relatively low combat skills at the beginning of her journey make her vulnerable to stronger opponents.

Does Kumoko have allies?

Throughout her journey, Kumoko forms alliances with various characters. She encounters other reincarnated individuals like herself who possess unique abilities and knowledge. Kumoko also forms bonds with certain monsters and humans who become her companions and assist her in her quests and battles.