Seijuurou Akashi

Japanese Name 赤司征十郎
Romaji Name Seijuurou Akashi
Nicknames Akashicchi, Aka-chin, Sei-chan
Series Kuroko no Basket
Age 16
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
Height 173 cm (5′ 8″)
Date of Birth December 20
Blood Type AB

Seijuurou Akashi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Kuroko no Basket”. He is a prominent character in the series, known for his exceptional basketball skills and commanding presence on the court. This article provides an overview of Seijuurou Akashi, covering his personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.


Seijuurou Akashi is portrayed as a highly intelligent, intense, and driven individual. He has a strong sense of leadership and commands the respect of his teammates. Akashi has an extreme “winner-take-all” philosophy, believing that victory grants absolution in all things, while losers are denied everything. He is fiercely competitive and refuses to accept defeat in any situation. Akashi’s personality changes over the course of the series, revealing a darker and more ruthless side to his character.


Seijuurou Akashi is a former student of Teikou Middle School, where he was the captain of the basketball team known as the “Generation of Miracles”. Under his leadership, the team won the championship three years in a row. Akashi’s exceptional skills and strategic abilities played a crucial role in their success. After Teikou, he enrolled in Rakuzan High School, where he continued to showcase his skills as point guard and team captain.


Seijuurou Akashi is depicted as a tall and well-built young man with noticeable heterochromia, having one red eye and one blue eye. He has short, red hair and is often seen wearing the Rakuzan High basketball uniform, which consists of a white jersey and black shorts. Akashi’s appearance exudes an aura of confidence and authority, reflecting his strong presence on and off the court.


Akashi possesses several remarkable basketball skills that contribute to his dominance on the court. His most notable ability is the “Emperor’s Eye,” a unique form of court vision that allows him to anticipate his opponents’ movements and make precise decisions in high-pressure situations. Akashi’s skills also include Triple Threat Penetration, Ankle Break Dribble, Situational Analysis Speed, Zone Play, and the Perfectly Rhythmic Pass. These skills, combined with his strategic mindset and exceptional basketball IQ, make him a formidable player.


Seijuurou Akashi was created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki as the main character of the “Kuroko no Basket” series. The character’s development and storyline revolve around his role as captain of the Generation of Miracles and his journey to maintain his dominance in the basketball world. Akashi’s complex personality and unique abilities make him a fan-favorite character in the series, contributing to the popularity and success of “Kuroko no Basket”.

Seijuurou Akashi – FAQ

Who is Seijuurou Akashi in “Kuroko no Basket”?

Seijuurou Akashi is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Kuroko no Basket”. He is the former captain and point guard of the famous Teikou Middle School basketball team, known as the Generation of Miracles.

What are Seijuurou Akashi’s special skills?

Akashi possesses the Emperor’s Eye, a unique ability that allows him to predict his opponents’ moves with exceptional accuracy. He is also a highly skilled dribbler and passer, and his leadership and strategic thinking make him a formidable player on the field.

How does Seijuurou Akashi’s personality affect his playing style?

Akashi is known for his intense and ruthless demeanor on the basketball court. His personality is reflected in his playing style, as he is aggressive, determined, and relentless in his pursuit of victory. He uses mind games and psychological tactics to gain an advantage over his opponents.

What is the significance of Seijuurou Akashi’s “Emperor’s Eye” ability?

Akashi’s Emperor Eye ability gives him a distinct advantage in anticipating his opponents’ moves. It allows him to see their intentions, react instantly, and make precise decisions. This ability makes him an exceptional defender and allows him to control the flow of the game.

How does Seijuurou Akashi’s character develop over the course of “Kuroko no Basket”?

Over the course of the series, Akashi undergoes significant character development. Initially portrayed as an antagonist, his experiences and interactions with his teammates, especially former teammate Kuroko, lead to a change in perspective and a more balanced approach to basketball.

What are some notable moments or matches involving Seijuurou Akashi?

Akashi participates in several memorable matches throughout the series. Some notable moments include his intense rivalry with Tetsuya Kuroko and the Seirin High team, his confrontations with other members of the Generation of Miracles, and his role in leading Rakuzan High School in the Winter Cup.