Shintarou Midorima

Japanese Name 緑間 真太郎
Romaji Name Shintarou Midorima
Nicknames Midorimacchi, Mido-chin, Shin-chan, Midorin
Series Kuroko no Basket
Age 16
Weight 174 lbs (79 kg)
Height 195 cm (6’4″)
Date of Birth July 7
Blood Type B
Special Ability Shooting from anywhere on the court (Far-Distance Shooter)

Shintarou Midorima of “Kuroko no Basket”: A detailed character analysis


Shintarou Midorima, a prominent character in the anime series “Kuroko no Basket”, is known for his unique personality traits. He often comes across as reserved and mean, with an arrogant demeanor. However, his teammate Takao describes him as “tsundere,” suggesting that Midorima has a softer side underneath his tough exterior. He finds it difficult to show kindness to his opponents and dislikes engaging in frivolous activities. Midorima is deeply devoted to horoscopes and carries a lucky object with him at all times. Despite his aloofness, he is a dedicated and passionate player.


Midorima was formerly a member of the basketball team at Teikou Middle School, playing alongside the other members of the Generation of Miracles. During his time at Teikou, he wore jersey number seven, but switched to number six when he entered Shuutoku High School. Midorima served as vice captain under Akashi, demonstrating his leadership and dedication to the team.


Standing at an impressive 195 cm (6’4″) and weighing 174 lbs (79 kg), Midorima possesses a commanding physical presence on the basketball court. He has a slender yet athletic build, which allows him to excel in his role as a shooting guard. Midorima is often seen with a bandage on his left hand, his dominant hand, which he claims is to keep it in perfect condition for shooting. He pays meticulous attention to the shape of his hand, even shaping his fingernails to optimize his shooting performance.


Midorima’s greatest strength lies in his exceptional shooting accuracy. He displays an uncanny ability to score from anywhere on the court, earning him the title of a long-range shooter. Regardless of the distance between himself and the basket, Midorima consistently displays remarkable accuracy. His shooting ability makes him a formidable offensive player and a valuable asset to his team.


Shintarou Midorima is a character from the anime and manga series “Kuroko no Basket”. Created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, the series revolves around high school basketball and features an ensemble cast of talented players. Midorima is one of the main characters, representing Shuutoku High School. His involvement with the “Generation of Miracles” and his exceptional shooting skills contribute to the series’ dynamic and intense narrative.

Shintarou Midorima – FAQ

Who is Shintarou Midorima?

Shintarou Midorima is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Kuroko no Basket”, also known as “Kuroko’s Basketball”. He is one of the main characters and a member of the basketball team known as the Generation of Miracles.

What are Shintarou Midorima’s special characteristics?

Shintarou Midorima is known for his exceptional shooting skills and his trademark three-point shot. He is often seen wearing glasses and has a superstitious nature, always following various rituals and carrying lucky objects.

What position does Shintarou Midorima play?

Shintarou Midorima plays the Shooting Guard position for his team. His accuracy and long-range shooting make him a formidable opponent on the court.

What is Shintarou Midorima’s style of play?

Midorima’s basketball style revolves around his incredible shooting accuracy. He has a near-perfect shooting form and can make shots from almost anywhere on the court. His three-point shooting is particularly lethal, and he rarely misses a shot.

What is Shintarou Midorima’s relationship to the other characters?

Midorima has a complex relationship with the other members of the Generation of Miracles. He is initially portrayed as arrogant and distant, but as the series progresses, he develops a mutual respect and understanding with his former teammates, especially with the protagonist, Tetsuya Kuroko.

Does Shintarou Midorima have any unique skills or techniques?

Aside from his exceptional shooting skills, Midorima has a unique ability called “Oha Asa” or “Horoscope”. He believes in horoscopes and fortune-telling, and his performance on the pitch is influenced by the daily lucky object he receives from his childhood friend Takao Kazunari.