Original Name: 猫猫
Romaji Name: Maomao
Nicknames: Xiaomao
Series: Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Age: 17
Weight: N/A
Height: 153 cm (5’0″)
Date of Birth: N/A
Blood Type: N/A

Maomao of “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto”: A remarkable character

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Maomao, also known as Xiaomao, is an intriguing character in the anime and manga series “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto”. At the age of 17, she has a unique personality that makes her stand out from the crowd. Maomao is very knowledgeable about medicine and poisons due to her former life as a pharmacist in the red light district. However, she tends to lack interest in human interactions, preferring to focus on her expertise in herbal medicine. Despite her plain appearance and freckles, Maomao’s intelligence and resourcefulness shine through in her interactions with others.


Maomao’s journey begins when she is kidnapped and sold, eventually becoming a maid in the Emperor’s harem. Her adoptive father, Ruomen, a renowned pharmacist, teaches her the art of herbal medicine. Her great-uncle, a eunuch, adopts her and raises her in the Rear Palace. It is revealed that her biological father is Kan Lakan, the emperor’s chief strategist and a powerful noble in the kingdom. Maomao’s background is a mixture of tragedy and resilience, shaping her into the character she becomes.


Standing 153 cm (5’0″) tall with a slender build, Maomao has a distinctive appearance. Her black hair (dark green in the light novel adaptation) and purple eyes (black in the web novel) add to her distinctive features. Despite her plain, freckled face, Maomao’s appearance does not define her character. Instead, it is her intelligence, skills, and determination that set her apart.


Maomao’s skills are a testament to her expertise in herbal medicine and her extraordinary resilience. Trained by Ruomen, one of the country’s finest pharmacists, she excels in the use and creation of herbs. She even develops her own unique medicines, which she fearlessly tests on herself. Her constant experimentation with poisons has given her a remarkable resistance to drugs and toxins, making her immune to their effects. In addition, Maomao’s upbringing in the Red Light District has honed her perception and manipulation skills, allowing her to solve problems and interact with others with great skill.


The character of Maomao, or Xiaomao, originates from the anime and manga series “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto”. The series, written by Natsu Hyuuga and illustrated by Touko Shino, follows Maomao’s journey as a maid in the Emperor’s harem and her involvement in the world of medicine and palace politics. Her unique background, personality, and skills make her a compelling and memorable character in the story.

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Maomao – FAQ

Who is Maomao in “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto”?

Maomao is the protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto”, also known as “The Pharmacist’s Monologue”. She is a young pharmacist living in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty. Despite her low social status, Maomao possesses exceptional knowledge of medicine and has a keen sense of observation.

What are Maomao’s skills and abilities?

Maomao is highly skilled in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. She has an extensive understanding of herbs, poisons, and medicinal concoctions. Her exceptional powers of observation allow her to deduce various ailments and uncover hidden truths through her keen senses. In addition, Maomao has a talent for creating and refining new medicines.

What is Maomao’s role in the story?

Maomao works as a pharmacist in the Imperial Palace, where she is responsible for preparing medicine for the Emperor and his concubines. Her position gives her access to the inner workings of the palace, and she often finds herself involved in solving mysteries and uncovering conspiracies. Maomao’s unique perspective and intelligence make her a valuable asset in navigating the complex political landscape of the palace.

How does Maomao interact with the other characters?

Maomao’s interactions with other characters vary depending on the situation. She is known for her stoic and straightforward demeanor, often speaking her mind without softening her words. Despite this, she forms unique relationships with those around her, including Jinshi, a eunuch, Rakan, an imperial physician, and various members of the royal family. Maomao’s sharp wit and unconventional personality make her interactions both intriguing and entertaining.

Will Maomao face any challenges or obstacles?

Yes, Maomao faces many challenges and obstacles throughout the story. As a low-ranking pharmacist, she must navigate the complicated power dynamics and political intrigue of the imperial palace. Her pursuit of truth and justice often puts her at odds with influential figures, making her a target for those who wish to maintain the status quo. In addition, her gender and social status present limitations and prejudices that she must overcome in order to succeed in her endeavors.

Does “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto” focus solely on Maomao?

While Maomao is the central character in “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto,” the story also delves into the lives of other characters and the overarching political landscape of the Tang Dynasty. The narrative weaves together various subplots and mysteries, allowing readers and viewers to explore different facets of the world Maomao inhabits. The series offers a rich tapestry of interconnected storylines, with Maomao’s perspective serving as the primary lens through which the story unfolds.