Saki Yumihara

Original Name 夢原 さき
Romaji Name Yumihara Saki
Nicknames N/A
Series Kyokou Suiri
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Saki Yumihara – A character analysis from “Kyokou Suiri


Saki Yumihara, a character from the anime series “Kyokou Suiri”, has a distinct personality that adds depth to the story. While there is little information about her available on MyAnimeList, her role in the series provides some insight. Saki is portrayed as Kuro Sakuragawa’s former girlfriend and works as a traffic officer at the local police station. Although her personality is not fully explored, her actions and interactions with other characters suggest that she is caring, level-headed, and determined. She demonstrates a sense of responsibility in her work as a police officer and shows concern for the welfare of those around her.


Unfortunately, the available information on Saki Yumihara’s background is scarce. However, it is mentioned that she is the former girlfriend of Kuro Sakuragawa. Further details about her past, upbringing or significant events in her life are not given on the MyAnimeList page. For a more complete understanding of her character, additional sources beyond the mentioned website may be necessary.


Saki Yumihara’s physical appearance is not explicitly described in the available information. However, it can be inferred that she is a tall young woman based on the information provided. The MyAnimeList site does not contain any images of her character, making it difficult to give a detailed description of her appearance. Further visual references or descriptions from other sources may shed more light on her physical attributes.


No specific information about Saki Yumihara’s abilities or skills is mentioned on the MyAnimeList site. As an officer of the Traffic Division, it can be assumed that she has knowledge and expertise in traffic regulations and law enforcement procedures. However, her role in the series does not seem to focus on displaying any extraordinary or supernatural abilities. To explore her abilities further, it may be necessary to consult other sources or watch the anime series itself.


The origin of Saki Yumihara’s character lies in the anime series “Kyokou Suiri”. While her character’s background is not extensively explored, it is implied that she has connections to Kuro Sakuragawa and works as an officer in the traffic division of the local police department. The series itself delves into the supernatural and mystery genres, with Saki’s character contributing to the overall plot and relationship dynamics. To fully understand the context of her origin and role within the series, it is recommended to watch “Kyokou Suiri” or explore other sources that provide a more comprehensive exploration of her character.

Saki Yumihara – FAQ

Who is Saki Yumihara in “Kyokou Suiri”?

Saki Yumihara is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Kyokou Suiri”, also known as “In/Spectre”. She is a high school student who becomes an important ally to the protagonist, Kotoko Iwanaga.

What are Saki Yumihara’s abilities in “Kyokou Suiri”?

Saki Yumihara has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings such as Yokai and spirits. Her ability allows her to understand and interact with these entities, which proves to be crucial in solving various supernatural cases throughout the series.

How does Saki Yumihara contribute to the story?

Saki Yumihara plays an important role in “Kyokou Suiri” by providing valuable insight and information about the supernatural world. Due to her ability to communicate with yokai, she often assists Kotoko Iwanaga in solving mysteries and supernatural incidents.

What is the relationship between Saki Yumihara and Kotoko Iwanaga?

Saki Yumihara and Kotoko Iwanaga have a complex relationship in “Kyokou Suiri”. At first, Saki was Kotoko’s romantic rival, as they both had feelings for the same person. However, they eventually put aside their differences and become close allies, working together to solve supernatural cases.

Does Saki Yumihara have any special powers or abilities?

Yes, Saki Yumihara has the ability to communicate with supernatural entities, which sets her apart from ordinary humans. This ability allows her to gather information from yokai and spirits, making her a valuable asset in dealing with supernatural phenomena.

How does Saki Yumihara’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the course of “Kyokou Suiri,” Saki Yumihara’s character undergoes significant development. Initially portrayed as a romantic rival, she gradually comes to appreciate and respect Kotoko’s abilities and contributions. Saki’s understanding of the supernatural world deepens, and she becomes more actively involved in solving cases alongside Kotoko.