Izumi Nase

Original Name 名瀬泉
Romaji Name Nase Izumi
Nicknames None
Series Kyoukai no Kanata
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 170 cm
Date of Birth April 7
Blood Type O negative


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The enigmatic spirit world warrior


Izumi Nase, a character from the anime series “Kyoukai no Kanata,” is known for her intriguing and enigmatic personality. As a representative of the Nase family and a skilled Spirit World Warrior, she exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. Despite her calm and collected demeanor, Izumi possesses an open and straightforward nature when interacting with others, often surprising them with her honesty. However, her true character is revealed when she interacts with the second daughter of the family, revealing a mischievous and wicked side.


Izumi Nase is a member of the prestigious Nase Clan, a family with a long history in the Spirit World Warrior community. As the eldest daughter, she bears the responsibility of upholding the family’s reputation. With her exceptional skills and leadership, Izumi has become a respected figure within the clan. Her role as the representative of the Nose family underscores her importance and the trust placed in her abilities.


Izumi Nase’s physical appearance perfectly complements her role as the face of the Nase family. Standing at a height of 170 cm, she has a slender and graceful figure. Her short hair falls neatly around her shoulders, adding to her elegant and refined image. Izumi’s kind expression and gentle features lend an air of approachability, though her true nature remains hidden beneath her pleasant exterior.


A warrior of the spirit world, Izumi Nase possesses formidable fighting skills and a deep understanding of supernatural beings. Her mastery of various weapons and techniques allows her to engage in battles with otherworldly creatures known as Youmu. Izumi’s expertise lies not only in her combat skills, but also in her strategic and tactical abilities, making her an invaluable asset in the fight against supernatural threats.

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Izumi Nase’s character originates from the anime series “Kyoukai no Kanata,” a gripping tale set in a world where humans coexist with supernatural beings. As a supporting character in the series, Izumi plays a crucial role in the development of the story and the growth of the main characters. Her presence brings depth and complexity to the narrative, adding layers of intrigue and mystery to the overall plot.

Izumi Nose – FAQ

Who is Izumi Nase in “Kyoukai no Kanata”?

Izumi Nase is a character from the anime series “Kyoukai no Kanata”, also known as “Beyond the Boundary”. She is a supporting character and a member of the Spirit World Warriors, an organization tasked with protecting humans from supernatural creatures called Youmu.

What is Izumi Nose’s role in the series?

Izumi Nase serves as one of the main antagonists in “Kyoukai no Kanata. She is a skilled Spirit World Warrior who is determined to destroy all Youmu, regardless of their intentions. She often clashes with the main characters as they have different approaches to dealing with supernatural entities.

What are Izumi Nose’s abilities?

Izumi Nase possesses exceptional combat skills and is highly skilled in the use of her weapon, a sword-like blade called the Spirit Sword. She also has the ability to manipulate her blood, which gives her enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration. She can also create barriers to protect herself and her allies.

What is Izumi Nose’s personality like?

Izumi Nose is known for her stoic and serious demeanor. She is fiercely dedicated to her mission of eradicating Youmu and shows little tolerance for those who sympathize or associate with them. She can be cold and ruthless in the pursuit of her goals, often placing duty above personal relationships.

Is there any conflict between Izumi Nose and the main characters?

Yes, there is a significant conflict between Izumi Nase and the main characters of “Kyoukai no Kanata”. The main characters, especially the protagonist Mirai Kuriyama, have a more compassionate and understanding approach to Youmu. They believe in coexistence and seek peaceful solutions, which directly contradicts Izumi’s uncompromising stance of extermination.

Does Izumi Nose undergo any character development in the series?

Yes, Izumi Nase undergoes some character development throughout the series. As she interacts more with the main characters and witnesses their dedication to protecting both humans and Youmu, her beliefs and convictions are challenged. This leads to moments of introspection and a gradual shift in her perspective on the coexistence of humans and supernatural beings.

Does Izumi Nase have any significant relationships in the series?

Izumi Nase is a member of the Nase family, which has considerable influence within the Spirit World Warriors organization. She has a complex relationship with her younger brother, Hiroomi Nase, who is also a Spirit World Warrior. Their differing views on how to deal with Youmu often cause tension between them, but they ultimately care for each other.