Naoto Yanagi

Japanese Name 柳 尚人
Romaji Name Naoto Yanagi
Nicknames (None available)
Series Last Game
Age (Not specified)
Weight (Not specified)
Height (Not specified)
Date of Birth (Not specified)
Blood Type (Not specified)

Naoto Yanagi of “Last Game”: A Closer Look

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Naoto Yanagi, a character from the “Last Game” manga series, has a unique and multifaceted personality. Although he comes from a wealthy and influential family, Naoto remains down-to-earth and modest. He is aware of his good looks and athletic abilities, but doesn’t let them define him. Naoto is remarkably naive when it comes to matters of the heart, often struggling with romance and relationships. However, he is determined and persistent in pursuing his love interest, Mikoto Kujō, demonstrating his unwavering devotion.


The heir to the Yanagi business conglomerate, Naoto Yanagi had a privileged upbringing. His family’s wealth and status provided him with many opportunities and advantages in life. Throughout his educational journey, from elementary school to university, Naoto attended the same institutions as Mikoto Kujō, ensuring that they maintain a close relationship. Despite his privileged background, Naoto remains grounded and values authentic relationships over superficial ones.


Naoto Yanagi is described as a handsome individual, with his good looks being one of the reasons why girls are attracted to him. He has blond hair and a well-groomed appearance. Naoto’s physical appearance, combined with his athletic ability, makes him a popular figure among his peers. However, he doesn’t let his looks define him and seeks genuine relationships beyond superficial attraction.


Naoto Yanagi excels in sports and demonstrates his athletic abilities throughout the series. His skills set him apart from others and contribute to his popularity among his classmates. While acknowledging his talents, Naoto remains humble and doesn’t let his skills overshadow his true personality. He values hard work and recognizes that his accomplishments are not only the result of his own efforts, but also the support and opportunities provided by his family.


Naoto Yanagi’s character originates from the manga series “Last Game”. The story follows Naoto and his journey alongside Mikoto Kujō, from their meeting in elementary school to their sophomore year in college. The series primarily focuses on their evolving relationship, with Naoto’s character representing the heir to a prestigious business conglomerate. As the story progresses, Naoto’s background and personality traits contribute to the intricate dynamics of the plot, adding depth and complexity to his character.

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Naoto Yanagi – FAQ

FAQs about Naoto Yanagi of “Last Game

Who is Naoto Yanagi?
Naoto Yanagi is one of the main characters of the manga series “Last Game” written and illustrated by Shinobu Amano. He is a talented and intelligent high school student who excels in academics, sports, and various other activities.
What are Naoto’s special characteristics?
Naoto is known for his exceptional intelligence, athletic ability, and calm and collected nature. He is often seen wearing glasses and is admired for his good looks.
What is Naoto’s role in “Last Game”?
In “Last Game,” Naoto is the rival of the female protagonist, Mikoto Kujou. He constantly competes with Mikoto in academics, sports, and other areas, and their rivalry is a central theme of the story.
Does Naoto have romantic feelings for Mikoto?
Yes, Naoto develops romantic feelings for Mikoto as the story progresses. Despite their rivalry, he begins to see her in a different light and gradually falls in love with her.
How does Naoto’s relationship with Mikoto develop?
At first, Naoto and Mikoto have a competitive and somewhat hostile relationship. However, as they spend more time together and get to know each other better, their relationship evolves into a deep friendship and eventually romance.
What are some of Naoto’s notable achievements in the series?
Naoto achieves outstanding academic results, excels in various sports such as basketball and swimming, and also demonstrates his leadership skills in student council activities. He is portrayed as a multi-talented and accomplished individual.