Kanata Futaki

Original Name 二木 佳奈多
Romaji Name Futaki Kanata
Series Little Busters!
Age Unknown
Weight 47 kg
Height 163 cm
Date of Birth October 13
Blood Type Unknown

Kanata Futaki of “Little Busters! – A closer look

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Kanata Futaki, a character from the popular anime and visual novel series “Little Busters!”, is known for her complex and multifaceted personality. She first appears as the Public Morality Chairman at Riki Naoe’s school, showing a sense of responsibility and dedication to maintaining order. Kanata is often seen chasing after her twin sister, Haruka, who has a reputation for causing trouble.
However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that Kanata’s cold attitude towards Haruka is the result of outside influences. She is forced by her uncle to treat Haruka harshly, which adds depth to her character and explains her seemingly hostile behavior. Despite her initial reservations, Kanata’s true feelings for her sister and her desire to protect her become apparent.


Kanata Futaki’s backstory in “Little Busters!” is closely tied to her relationship with her twin sister, Haruka. They share a complicated past marked by family problems and strained sibling dynamics. Burdened with the responsibility of upholding her family’s reputation, Kanata is often torn between her loyalty to her sister and her duties.


Kanata has a distinct appearance in “Little Busters!” She is depicted as a girl with long, dark hair and striking purple eyes. She is of average height, about 163 cm, and has a slender build. Kanata’s appearance is further accentuated by her choice of colored contacts, which she occasionally uses to impersonate her sister Haruka.


Though Kanata Futaki does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers, she demonstrates exceptional competence in her role as Public Morals Chairman. She is disciplined, organized, and dedicated to maintaining order in the school. In addition, Kanata’s culinary skills set her apart from her sister Haruka and showcase her talent in the kitchen.


Kanata Futaki originates from the visual novel “Little Busters!” created by Key and later adapted into an anime series. As a supporting character, she plays a crucial role in the narrative, adding depth and complexity to the overall story. Kanata’s character development explores themes of family, loyalty, and personal growth, making her a significant presence in the Little Busters! universe.

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Kanata Futaki – FAQ

FAQ about Kanata Futaki from “Little Busters!

Who is Kanata Futaki?
Kanata Futaki is a character from the visual novel and anime series “Little Busters!” created by Key. She is one of the main heroines and a member of the Little Busters baseball team.
What is Kanata’s role in “Little Busters!
Kanata plays an important role in the story as one of the main supporting characters. She is the older sister of Haruka Saigusa and serves as the head of the disciplinary committee at her school. Her strict and serious attitude often causes conflicts with the protagonist and other characters.
What are Kanata’s personality traits?
Kanata is known for her strict and disciplined personality. She is highly organized and takes her duties as head of the Disciplinary Committee very seriously. She can be cold and distant at times, but also shows a caring side to her sister and friends.
What is the relationship between Kanata and Haruka?
Kanata is Haruka’s older sister, and their relationship is complex. At first, they have a strained relationship due to past events and conflicting personalities. However, as the story progresses, their bond begins to strengthen and they work together to solve their problems and support each other.
Does Kanata have any special skills or talents?
Kanata has no supernatural or extraordinary abilities. However, she is highly intelligent and skilled in various fields, making her an influential figure in the school. Her dedication, attention to detail, and strategic thinking are all notable strengths.
How does Kanata help the Little Busters baseball team?
Although Kanata is not a member of the Little Busters baseball team herself, she supports the team through her role as the Chair of the Discipline Committee. She makes sure the team follows the rules and regulations, and her strict enforcement helps maintain discipline and order within the group.