Kyousuke Natsume

Japanese Name 棗 恭介
Romaji Name Natsume Kyōsuke
Series Little Busters!
Age 17
Weight 60 kg
Height 174 cm
Date of Birth May 4
Blood Type

Kyousuke Natsume from “Little Busters!

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Kyousuke Natsume, the leader of the Little Busters in the anime series “Little Busters!”, is known for his charismatic and energetic personality. He is a year older than the other members of the group and is highly respected by his friends. Kyousuke often comes up with absurd and unconventional ideas, but he always has a funny or reasonable explanation for them. Despite his mischievous nature, he serves as a leader and role model for his friends, especially Riki, the protagonist of the series. Kyousuke is known for his strong sense of responsibility and determination.


Kyousuke Natsume is the older brother of Rin Natsume and the original founder of the Little Busters. He played a crucial role in the creation of the artificial world within the series. Kyousuke’s goal is to make Riki and Rin stronger so that they can face the reality that awaits them together. He believes that they have the potential to be the only survivors of a possible tragedy. In the series, Kyousuke repeats an endless cycle of everyone’s last school semester together before the crash, with the goal of helping his friends grow and eventually “let go”. He is portrayed as a selfless character, willing to go to great lengths to protect his friends.


Kyousuke Natsume has a striking appearance, standing at a height of 174 cm. He has a lean and athletic build and weighs 60 kg. With his bright red hair and piercing blue eyes, Kyousuke has a captivating presence. He is often seen wearing the school’s standard male uniform of a white shirt, dark blazer, and matching pants. Kyousuke’s appearance reflects his dynamic personality and leadership qualities.


Kyousuke’s skills in “Little Busters!” are primarily related to his leadership and strategic thinking. He is adept at making plans and organizing the Little Busters’ activities. His unconventional ideas often result in unique and memorable experiences for the group. Kyousuke’s determination and charisma inspire his friends to overcome challenges and support each other. He also has the ability to travel between the real and artificial worlds of the series, which adds to his enigmatic nature.


Kyousuke Natsume originated from the visual novel game “Little Busters!” developed by Key. The game was later adapted into an anime series in which Kyousuke plays a central role as the leader of the Little Busters. His character development and involvement in the story contribute significantly to the overarching narrative of the series. Kyousuke’s complex and multifaceted personality makes him a compelling and memorable character in the Little Busters! universe.
[Note: The above information is based on the details available on the MyAnimeList page for Kyousuke Natsume ( and additional sources as mentioned in the prompt.]

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Kyousuke Natsume – FAQ

FAQ about Kyousuke Natsume of “Little Busters!

Who is Kyousuke Natsume?
Kyousuke Natsume is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series “Little Busters! He is the founder and leader of the Little Busters, a group of friends who engage in various activities and adventures.
What is Kyousuke’s role in the Little Busters group?
Kyousuke is the charismatic leader of the Little Busters. He is responsible for organizing and planning their activities, as well as providing guidance and support to the other members.
What are Kyousuke’s personality traits?
Kyousuke is known for his strong-willed and determined nature. He is highly intelligent, resourceful, and has a strategic mind. He is also caring and protective of his friends, often putting their welfare before his own.
What is the relationship between Kyousuke and Riki Naoe?
Kyousuke is not only Riki’s best friend, but also acts as a mentor and older brother figure to him. He plays a crucial role in Riki’s growth and development throughout the story.
Does Kyousuke have any special powers?
Yes, Kyousuke has a unique ability called “Dream World” which allows him to manipulate the dreams of himself and others. This power plays an important role in the story of “Little Busters!
What is Kyousuke’s backstory?
Kyousuke is one of the original members of the Little Busters, along with Riki and Rin. He has a complex and mysterious past that is gradually revealed throughout the story, revealing the reasons behind his actions and motivations.
Are there any romantic relationships in which Kyousuke is involved?
While there are romantic subplots in “Little Busters!” involving other characters, Kyousuke’s main focus remains on supporting his friends and maintaining the unity of the Little Busters group.
Is Kyousuke an important character in the overall plot?
Absolutely. Kyousuke’s character is integral to the plot of Little Busters! His leadership, actions, and past play an important role in the development of the story and the arcs of the other characters.