Diana Cavendish

Original Name ダイアナ・キャベンディッシュ
Romaji Name Diana Cavendish
Nicknames None
Series Little Witch Academia
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Diana Cavendish, a prominent character in the “Little Witch Academia” anime series, is portrayed as serious, composed, and educated. As the top student at Luna Nova Magical Academy, she is admired by both her classmates and teachers. Diana is from Great Britain and comes from a noble family of witches, which adds to her aristocratic air. She has a serious and sometimes arrogant nature that often puts her at odds with the main protagonist, Akko Kagari. Despite their differences, Diana occasionally helps Akko correct the problems she causes, leading to a grudging respect for Akko’s tenacity.


Diana Cavendish was born into a prestigious line of witches dating back to ancient times. Her noble heritage and prodigious talent set her apart from her peers at Luna Nova Magical Academy. Diana’s upbringing and education have instilled in her a sense of responsibility and dedication to her craft. Her family’s reputation and her own exceptional abilities have contributed to her status as the Academy’s top student.


Diana Cavendish is portrayed as an elegant and poised young witch. She has long, flowing silver hair that cascades down her back, and her striking blue eyes reflect her determination and intelligence. Diana is often seen wearing the traditional Luna Nova Magical Academy uniform, which consists of a black dress with gold accents and a matching pointy hat. Her appearance exudes sophistication and grace, befitting her noble background.


Diana is widely regarded as the most skilled young witch at Luna Nova Magical Academy. Her magical prowess is unmatched among her peers, and she possesses extensive arcane knowledge. Diana’s mastery of magic allows her to perform impressive spells and demonstrate her mastery of various magical skills. Her dedication to her studies and diligent practice contribute to her exceptional abilities, making her a formidable witch within the academy.


The character of Diana Cavendish originates from the anime series “Little Witch Academia”. Created by Studio Trigger, the series follows the journey of young witches in training at the Luna Nova Magical Academy. Diana plays a major role as the top student and a member of the prestigious Cavendish family. Her interactions with the main protagonist, Akko Kagari, and her struggles to reconcile her family’s legacy with her own ambitions form a central part of the show’s narrative.

Diana Cavendish – FAQ

FAQs about Diana Cavendish of “Little Witch Academia

Who is Diana Cavendish?
Diana Cavendish is one of the main characters of the anime series “Little Witch Academia”. She is a prodigious witch from the prestigious Cavendish family and is known for her extraordinary magical abilities.
What is Diana’s role in Luna Nova Academy?
Diana is the top student and head of the student council at Luna Nova Academy, a magical school for young witches. She takes her responsibilities seriously and strives to uphold the school’s reputation and traditions.
How does Diana’s personality evolve over the course of the series?
Initially portrayed as a proud and arrogant character, Diana’s personality evolves significantly throughout the series. She becomes more compassionate, understanding, and supportive of her fellow witches, including the main protagonist, Akko Kagari.
Does Diana have a particular magical specialty?
Diana specializes in several magical disciplines, including potion making and spell casting. Her skills and knowledge surpass those of her peers, earning her a reputation as an exceptionally talented witch.
What is Diana’s relationship to Akko Kagari?
Diana initially has a strained relationship with Akko, as they have different approaches to magic and often clash. However, as the series progresses, their relationship evolves into one of mutual respect and friendship.
Does Diana have any significant character arcs or storylines in the series?
Yes, Diana’s character goes through several significant arcs throughout Little Witch Academia. She faces personal challenges, uncovers family secrets, and ultimately becomes instrumental in saving Luna Nova Academy and restoring balance to the magical world.