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Log Horizon


Original Name (Japanese) セララ Romaji Name Serara Nicknames None Series Log Horizon Age 16-17 Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth March 1 Blood Type Unknown Class Druid Subclass Housekeeper Guild Crescent Moon Alliance Occupation High school student Personality Serara is a kind and gentle 16-17 year old girl. She is easily upset and often […]

Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen

Original Name レイネシア=エルアルテ=コーウェン Romaji Name Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen Nicknames Lenessia Erharte Cowen, Reinesia Cowen Series Log Horizon Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height Not specified Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type Not specified Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen: A princess of grace and nobility Personality Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen, a character from the anime series “Log […]

Rundellhous Kode

Original Name ルンデルハウス=コード Romaji Name Rundellhous Kode Nicknames Rudy Series Log Horizon Age N/A Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Rundellhouse Code A character analysis from “Log Horizon Personality Rundellhous Kode, commonly known as Rudy, is a fascinating character in the anime series “Log Horizon”. He has a flamboyant and […]


Original Name クラスティ Romaji Name Krusty Nicknames Krusty the Divine Blade Series Log Horizon Age Unknown (In-game character) Weight Unknown (In-game character) Height Unknown (In-game character) Date of Birth Unknown (In-game character) Blood Type Unknown (In-game character) Personality Krusty, also known as Krusty the Divine Blade, is a character from the anime and light novel […]


Japanese Name 直継 Romaji Name Naotsugu Nicknames None Series Log Horizon Age 25 Weight Not specified Height 183 cm Date of Birth August 2 Blood Type Not specified Naotsugu – The Loyal Guardian in Log Horizon Personality A prominent character in the Log Horizon anime series, Naotsugu is known for his lively and outgoing personality. […]


Japanese Name にゃん太 Romaji Name Nyanta Nicknames Chief Series Log Horizon Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Nyanta – The Swashbuckling Chef of Log Horizon Personality Nyanta, also known as “Chief”, is a prominent character in the light novel and anime series Log Horizon. As a Werecat Swashbuckler […]


Original Name アカツキ Romaji Name Akatsuki Nicknames – Series Log Horizon Age 20 Weight – Height – Date of Birth July 7 Blood Type – Akatsuki from “Log Horizon Personality Akatsuki, also known as Shizuka Hanekura, is a character from the anime series “Log Horizon”. She has a complex and intriguing personality that adds depth […]


Original Name シロエ Romaji Name Shiroe Nicknames Villain in Glasses, Shiroe the Strategist, Black Heart Glasses, Dark Shiroe, Chronicler of the East Series Log Horizon Age 23 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth November 23 Blood Type N/A Shiroe from “Log Horizon”: A closer look at the enigmatic protagonist Personality Shiroe, also known as […]