Original Name アカツキ
Romaji Name Akatsuki
Series Log Horizon
Age 20
Date of Birth July 7
Blood Type

Akatsuki from “Log Horizon


Akatsuki, also known as Shizuka Hanekura, is a character from the anime series “Log Horizon”. She has a complex and intriguing personality that adds depth to her character. Initially, Akatsuki was portrayed as a reserved and introverted individual, in part due to her gender identity. As a male player trapped in the game, she refrained from using voice chat to communicate with others.
However, after drinking Shiroe’s appearance-changing potion, Akatsuki transformed her character into a more accurate representation of her true self. This transformation allowed her to shed her shyness and embrace her femininity. Despite her initial reticence, Akatsuki possesses a strong sense of loyalty and gratitude towards Shiroe, referring to him as “my lord” and dedicating herself to his service as an assassin.


Before the apocalypse that trapped players in the game world of “Log Horizon,” Akatsuki was a college student. Like many others, she found herself trapped in the game as her real-life self. It was during this time that she assumed the identity of Akatsuki and joined the guild known as Log Horizon.


Akatsuki is a young woman with long black hair and striking crimson eyes. Her character design reflects grace and elegance, reflecting her role as an assassin. After her transformation, she changed her appearance to better reflect her true self, embracing her femininity with confidence.


Akatsuki’s class in “Log Horizon” is Assassin, and she has exceptional skills in stealth, agility, and combat. An expert tracker, she has the ability to navigate through various environments undetected. Her mastery of assassination techniques makes her a formidable opponent in combat, and she often carries out covert missions for the Guild.


Akatsuki’s origins lie in the virtual world of Log Horizon. After the apocalypse that trapped players in the game, she became an integral member of the Log Horizon guild, led by Shiroe. Through her journey and interactions with other characters, she undergoes personal growth and transformation, both in appearance and in her sense of self.
By embracing her true identity and dedicating herself to Shiroe, Akatsuki becomes an essential asset to the guild and contributes to the overall dynamic of the story.

Akatsuki – FAQ

Who are the members of Akatsuki in “Log Horizon”?

Akatsuki is a character in the anime and light novel series “Log Horizon”. She is an assassin and one of the founding members of the titular guild, Log Horizon. Akatsuki is known for her agility, stealth, and exceptional combat skills.

What is Akatsuki’s role in the Log Horizon guild?

Akatsuki is an Assassin and Scout for the Log Horizon Guild. Her primary role is to gather information, conduct reconnaissance, and use her stealth skills to eliminate enemies. She plays a crucial role in the guild’s strategies and combat operations.

What are Akatsuki’s unique skills and abilities?

Akatsuki has several unique abilities and skills in combat. Her exceptional agility allows her to move quickly and dodge attacks effectively. She is adept at stealth, which makes her virtually invisible to enemies. Akatsuki is also skilled in assassination techniques, using deadly blows and poison to incapacitate her enemies.

How does Akatsuki contribute to the overall plot of Log Horizon?

Akatsuki’s character plays an integral role in the overall plot of Log Horizon. Her unwavering loyalty to Shiroe, the main protagonist, and her dedication to the Log Horizon Guild contribute to the growth and success of the guild. Akatsuki’s personal journey involves self-discovery, honing her skills, and building relationships with other characters.

Does Akatsuki have any notable character development over the course of the series?

Yes, Akatsuki undergoes significant character development throughout the “Log Horizon” series. At first introverted and lacking in self-confidence, she gradually becomes more assertive and grows emotionally. Akatsuki’s interactions with other guild members and the challenges she faces shape her character, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of herself.

Will Akatsuki be a playable character in the video game adaptation of Log Horizon?

Yes, Akatsuki is a playable character in the video game adaptation of Log Horizon. Players will be able to control Akatsuki and use her unique abilities, such as stealth and assassination techniques, to navigate and fight in the game’s virtual world.