Natsuo Maki

Japanese Name 真木 夏緒
Romaji Name Maki Natsuo
Nicknames Fujihime
Series Love Lab
Age 14 (Anime and Manga timeline)
Weight 45kg
Height 155cm
Date of Birth April 18
Blood Type O

Natsuo Maki – The charismatic student council president of Love Lab

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Natsuo Maki, the Student Council President of Love Lab, is known for her polite and calm demeanor. Despite her prestigious position, she remains down-to-earth and approachable, earning the admiration of her classmates. Maki is often seen as a role model due to her mature and responsible nature. A notable aspect of her personality is her cluelessness when it comes to matters of love. This leads her to seek the help of her friend Riko in navigating the complexities of romantic relationships.


Maki’s background is not extensively explored in the Love Lab series. However, as president of the student council, it can be inferred that she has excellent leadership skills and a strong sense of responsibility. Her dedication to her duties and her willingness to help others make her a trusted figure within the school community. Despite her busy schedule, Maki manages to maintain a calm and collected demeanor that reflects her commitment to her role.


Natsuo Maki has a visually striking appearance. She stands 155 cm tall and has a slender figure. Maki’s most distinctive feature is her beautiful blue hair, which adds to her overall charm. She is often seen wearing the standard school uniform, showing her adherence to rules and traditions. Maki’s appearance, combined with her calm and collected demeanor, contributes to her popularity among her peers.


While Love Lab focuses primarily on the romantic misadventures of its characters, Maki’s skills shine through in her leadership and ability to remain calm in challenging situations. As president of the student council, she demonstrates strong organizational skills and a talent for problem solving. Maki’s charisma and accessibility make her an effective leader, able to inspire and guide her fellow students.


Natsuo Maki is from the Love Lab series, both the anime and manga adaptations. Created by Ruri Miyahara, Love Lab explores the comedic and sometimes awkward experiences of a group of girls as they navigate the complexities of love and relationships. Natsuo Maki’s character serves as the central figure, embodying the ideals of responsibility, maturity, and the pursuit of understanding love.

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Natsuo Maki – FAQ

FAQ about Natsuo Maki from “Love Lab

Who is Natsuo Maki?
Natsuo Maki is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Love Lab”. She is a high school student and a member of the student council. Natsuo is known for her serious and mature attitude, which makes her an ideal student council president.

What is Natsuo Maki’s personality like?
Natsuo Maki is considered to be responsible, hardworking, and intelligent. She takes her role as Student Council President seriously and strives for perfection in everything she does. Despite her serious nature, she also has a caring side and is willing to help her friends when they need it.

Does Natsuo Maki have any special skills?
Natsuo Maki doesn’t have any special talents, but she excels academically and is very good at leadership and organization. Her dedication to her role as Student Council President allows her to handle various responsibilities efficiently.

How does Natsuo Maki interact with other characters in Love Lab?
Natsuo Maki initially maintains a serious and professional attitude when interacting with other characters. However, as the story progresses, she develops close friendships with her fellow student council members and begins to show a more relaxed and friendly side.

Does Natsuo Maki have any romantic relationships in the series?
In “Love Lab”, Natsuo Maki focuses on her duties as student council president rather than pursuing romantic relationships. However, as the series progresses, she develops feelings for one of her classmates, which leads to some romantic tension and development in her character arc.

How does Natsuo Maki contribute to the overall plot of “Love Lab”?
Natsuo Maki plays a crucial role in “Love Lab” as the student council president. Her leadership and dedication drive the plot forward as she leads the student council in organizing various events and dealing with the challenges they face. In addition, her personal growth and relationships with other characters add depth to the overall narrative.