Riko Kurahashi

Japanese Name 倉橋 莉子
Romaji Name Kurahashi Riko
Nicknames Wild Riko, The Wild One, Woe-senpai, Waki
Series Love Lab
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height 155cm
Date of Birth April 3
Blood Type Not specified

Riko Kurahashi of “Love Lab”: Exploring the Spirited Protagonist

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Riko Kurahashi, the main protagonist of the Love Lab series, is known for her spirited and outspoken personality. Despite her belief that this trait makes her unpopular, she is actually very popular among her peers, especially the girls. Riko’s boyish demeanor adds to her charm, making her a relatable and endearing character. She is confident, outgoing, and not afraid to speak her mind, which often leads to comedic situations in the story. Riko’s strong-willed nature and determination make her a natural leader and supportive friend.


Not much is revealed about Riko Kurahashi’s background in “Love Lab”. However, it is known that she serves as aide to student council president Maki. Riko’s involvement in the student council shows her responsible nature and willingness to help others. Throughout the series, Riko’s interactions and experiences within the student council contribute to her personal growth and development.


Riko Kurahashi has a distinctive appearance that complements her vibrant personality. She is depicted with short, orange hair that perfectly matches her energetic demeanor. Standing at an average height of 155cm, Riko’s physical attributes reflect her youthful and vibrant character. Her expressive eyes and cheerful smile emphasize her friendly and outgoing nature.


While “Love Lab” focuses primarily on the romantic misadventures and comedic situations the characters find themselves in, Riko Kurahashi’s skills lie in her leadership and ability to bring people together. As the assistant to the student council president, Riko demonstrates her organizational skills and takes charge when needed. Her natural charisma and determination inspire those around her and contribute to the development of the story’s plot.


Riko Kurahashi is from the anime and manga series “Love Lab”. Created by Ruri Miyahara, the story revolves around the lives of Riko and her friends as they navigate the complexities of love and relationships. Riko’s character serves as the driving force behind many of the series’ humorous and heartwarming moments. Her relatability and spirited nature make her a beloved character among fans of the series.

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Riko Kurahashi – FAQ

Who is Riko Kurahashi?

Riko Kurahashi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Love Lab”. She is one of the main protagonists and a member of the student council at Fujisaki Girls’ Academy.

What is Riko’s personality like?

Riko is known for her tomboyish and energetic personality. She is often seen as outspoken, bold, and mischievous. Despite her tough exterior, she has a kind heart and is fiercely loyal to her friends.

What are Riko’s hobbies and interests?

Riko is passionate about sports, especially baseball. She is an accomplished pitcher and often shows off her athletic skills throughout the series. In addition to sports, Riko is also interested in fashion and enjoys experimenting with different styles.

Does Riko have any romantic interests?

Throughout the series, Riko’s romantic interests are primarily focused on her crush, Natsuo Maki. She often finds herself in comical and awkward situations while trying to deal with her feelings for Maki.

What is Riko’s role in the student council?

Riko is the vice president of the student council. Known for her practicality, she often takes the lead in organizing various activities and events at the school. Her leadership skills and determination make her a valuable asset to the council.

How does Riko interact with the other characters in Love Lab?

Riko has a close-knit group of friends within the student council, and they often have humorous and lively interactions. She shares a strong bond with Maki and the other members of the council, and their friendships form a central part of the series.