Atsushi Ootani

Original Name 大谷敦士
Romaji Name Atsushi Ootani
Nicknames A-chan, Atsushi-neko, Midget
Series Lovely★Complex
Age Not specified
Weight 45 kg (100 lbs)
Height 156 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Date of Birth March 25
Blood Type Not specified


Atsushi Ootani, also known as A-chan, Atsushi-neko or Midget, is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Lovely★Complex”. Despite his diminutive stature, standing only 156 centimeters (5 feet 1 inch), Ootani possesses a larger-than-life personality. He can come across as thoughtless and rude at first, but deep down he is kindhearted and a little silly.
Ootani is known for his sense of humor and often brings laughter to those around him. He has a fun-loving spark and is popular with the girls, despite his height complex. Despite his initial reservations, he gradually opens up to the idea of love and develops a deep connection with the series’ female protagonist, Risa Koizumi.


Not much is revealed about Ootani’s background in the series. However, it is mentioned that he had an ex-girlfriend named Mayu Kanzaki, who was the manager of his middle school basketball team. Ootani’s height became a sensitive issue for him after his breakup with Mayu, as she left him for a taller boyfriend. However, he later discovers that the real reason for their breakup was Mayu’s feelings for someone else, which had nothing to do with his height.


Ootani’s most distinguishing feature is his short stature, standing only 156 centimeters (5 feet 1 inch). Because of his height, he often faces challenges and insecurities, especially in romantic relationships. However, his charming personality compensates for his physical stature, making him endearing to those around him.


Ootani may be small in stature, but he is a skilled basketball player and star of his school’s basketball team. He showcases his athletic skills on the court, impressing others with his talent and determination.


Atsushi Ootani is a fictional character created for the anime and manga series “Lovely★Complex”. The series, written and illustrated by Aya Nakahara, follows the comedic and romantic adventures of Ootani and his friend Risa Koizumi as they navigate high school life and their complicated feelings for each other.

Atsushi Ootani – FAQ

Who is Atsushi Ootani?

Atsushi Ootani is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Lovely★Complex”. He is one of the main protagonists of the story.

What is Atsushi Ootani’s personality like?

Atsushi Ootani is known for his energetic and funny personality. He is often portrayed as a funny and light-hearted character who likes to make jokes and tease his friends.

How tall is Atsushi Ootani?

Atsushi Ootani is famous for his short stature, as he is only 156 cm (5’1″) tall. His height becomes a central theme in the story as he deals with the challenges and insecurities that come with being shorter than average.

What is the relationship between Atsushi Ootani and Risa Koizumi?

Atsushi Ootani and Risa Koizumi are the main characters in “Lovely★Complex” and have a unique relationship. At first, they have a comedic rivalry due to their different heights, but as the story progresses, they develop deep feelings for each other and become romantically involved.

What are Atsushi Ootani’s hobbies and interests?

Atsushi Ootani is a passionate basketball player and enjoys playing the sport with his friends. He is also a fan of music and often listens to it to relax and unwind. In addition, he has a love for comedy and often incorporates humor into his interactions with others.

Does Atsushi Ootani have any notable character development?

Yes, Atsushi Ootani undergoes significant character development throughout the series. At first, he is portrayed as somewhat immature and unaware of his own feelings. However, as he faces various challenges and experiences, he matures emotionally and learns to express his feelings more openly.