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Minami Iwasaki

Japanese Name 岩崎 みなみ Romaji Name Iwasaki Minami Nicknames None Series Lucky☆Star Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth September 12 Blood Type A Minami Iwasaki from “Lucky☆Star Personality Minami Iwasaki, a character from the anime series “Lucky☆Star”, is portrayed as a very quiet and reserved individual. She often appears emotionless, leading others […]

Misao Kusakabe

Original Name (Japanese): 日下部 みさお Romanized Name (Romaji): Kusakabe Misao Nicknames: Misa-chan Series: Lucky☆Star Age: Teenager (likely 16-18 years old) Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: July 20 Blood Type: B Strong Subjects: Physical Education (P.E.) Disliked Subjects: Math, World History Favorite Food: Meatballs Personality Misao Kusakabe is characterized as a simple, energetic, and […]

Minoru Shiraishi

Original Name 白石みのる Romaji Name Shiraishi Minoru Nicknames Sebastian Series Lucky☆Star Age Varies based on the series Weight Varies based on the series Height Varies based on the series Date of Birth October 18, 1978 Blood Type AB Personality Minoru Shiraishi, a character from the anime series “Lucky☆Star,” is portrayed as a shy and timid […]

Miyuki Takara

Japanese Name 高良みゆき Romaji Name Takara Miyuki Nicknames Yuki-chan Series Lucky☆Star Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height 168 cm (5’6”) Date of Birth October 25 Blood Type O Miyuki Takara The admirable student from “Lucky☆Star”. Personality Miyuki Takara, a prominent character in the anime series “Lucky☆Star,” is known for her admirable personality. She is […]

Akira Kogami

Japanese Name 小神 あきら Romaji Name Akira Kogami Nicknames N/A Series Lucky☆Star Age N/A Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth February 14th Blood Type O Akira Kogami from “Lucky☆Star Personality Akira Kogami, a character from the anime series “Lucky☆Star,” is known for her vibrant and energetic personality. As the captain of Lucky☆Star’s information advertising […]

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Japanese Name 柊つかさ Romaji Name Hiiragi Tsukasa Nicknames Kona-chan Series Lucky☆Star Age Varies depending on the source material Weight Not specified Height 157 cm (5’2”) Date of Birth July 7th Blood Type B Tsukasa Hiiragi The endearing character from “Lucky☆Star”. Personality Tsukasa Hiiragi, a beloved character from the popular anime series “Lucky☆Star,” is known for […]

Kagami Hiiragi

Japanese Name 柊 かがみ Romaji Name Hiiragi Kagami Nicknames Kagamin Series Lucky☆Star Age Depends on the series Weight Not specified Height 157 cm (5’2″) Date of Birth July 7 Blood Type B Kagami Hiiragi The independent and intelligent twin of “Lucky☆Star”. Personality Kagami Hiiragi, one of the main characters in the popular anime series “Lucky☆Star,” […]

Konata Izumi

Japanese Name 泉こなた Romaji Name Konata Izumi Nicknames Kona-chan, KonaKona, Densetsu no Shoujo A Series Lucky☆Star Age 17-18 Weight N/A Height 142 cm (4’8″) Date of Birth May 28 Blood Type A Strong Subjects PE Disliked Subjects Math, Science Favorite Food Choco Cornet, Curry, Noodles Favorite Color Red Hair Color Blue Eye Color Green Online […]