Minoru Shiraishi

Original Name 白石みのる
Romaji Name Shiraishi Minoru
Nicknames Sebastian
Series Lucky☆Star
Age Varies based on the series
Weight Varies based on the series
Height Varies based on the series
Date of Birth October 18, 1978
Blood Type AB


Minoru Shiraishi, a character from the anime series “Lucky☆Star,” is portrayed as a shy and timid individual who serves as Akira’s co-anchor on the Lucky Channel. At the beginning of the series, he lacks confidence and often seems nervous in his role. However, as the episodes progress, Minoru gradually gains more confidence and becomes more energetic. This newfound energy sometimes overshadows Akira, which can easily annoy her. Despite his growing enthusiasm, Minoru remains in constant fear of being fired.

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In “Lucky☆Star”, Minoru Shiraishi is not just a fictional character. He is based on a real person with the same name, Shiraishi Minoru. The character is a representation of the actual voice actor who also goes by the name of Minoru Shiraishi. In addition to his voice acting career, Shiraishi Minoru is known for singing anime themes and other songs at the end of many “Lucky☆Star” episodes. His inclusion in the series adds a unique meta aspect, blurring the line between fiction and reality.


Minoru Shiraishi has a distinctive appearance in the anime series. He is portrayed as a young man with short, messy brown hair and gentle, expressive eyes. He often wears casual clothing such as t-shirts and jeans, reflecting his laid-back personality. His design remains consistent throughout the series, and his appearance is closely modeled after the real-life Minoru Shiraishi.


Although Minoru Shiraishi’s role in “Lucky☆Star” revolves around his hosting duties on the Lucky Channel, he doesn’t have any extraordinary abilities or powers. However, his character development shows his growth in confidence and his ability to connect with the audience. In addition, his real-life counterpart, Shiraishi Minoru, is a talented voice actor and singer, adding to the overall charm of the character.


Minoru Shiraishi originates from the anime series “Lucky☆Star”, which follows the daily lives and comedic interactions of a group of high school girls. Created by Kagami Yoshimizu, the series gained popularity for its lighthearted humor and relatable characters. Minoru Shiraishi’s character was introduced as a co-host of the Lucky Channel, a segment within the anime that provides humorous commentary and announcements.

Minoru Shiraishi – FAQ

Who is Minoru Shiraishi?

Minoru Shiraishi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Lucky☆Star”. He is a supporting character in the series, playing himself and serving as a comedic and self-aware presence.

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What is Minoru Shiraishi’s role in “Lucky☆Star”?

Minoru Shiraishi’s role in “Lucky☆Star” is mainly that of a comedian and entertainer. He appears as himself in various humorous situations, often breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the main characters.

Is Minoru Shiraishi based on a real person?

No, Minoru Shiraishi is not based on a real person. Although he shares the same name with a Japanese actor and voice actor, the character in “Lucky☆Star” is a fictionalized version created for the series.

What are some notable characteristics of Minoru Shiraishi?

Minoru Shiraishi is known for his exaggerated facial expressions, energetic personality, and tendency to overreact to situations. He often provides comic relief through his antics and interactions with other characters in the series.

Does Minoru Shiraishi have any catchphrases?

Yes, Minoru Shiraishi has a catchphrase that he uses frequently in the series. His catchphrase is “Minna, miteite kure!” which roughly translates to “Hey everyone, watch me!”. It reflects his attention-seeking and playful nature.

What is Minoru Shiraishi’s relationship with the main characters in “Lucky☆Star”?

Minoru Shiraishi has a friendly relationship with the main characters of “Lucky☆Star”. He often interacts with them in comedic situations, providing humorous commentary or participating in their activities. Although he is not a central character, he adds an entertaining dynamic to the series.