Sheryl Nome

Original Name シェリル・ノーム
Romaji Name Sheriru Nōmu
Nicknames Galactic Fairy, Fairy 9
Series Macross F
Age 17
Weight 54kg
Height 165cm
Date of Birth November 23
Blood Type Unknown


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The dazzling pop idol of Macross F


Sheryl Nome, also known as “Galactic Fairy”, is a prominent character from the anime series Macross F. She has a strong and confident personality that comes through in her music. Sheryl is a confident and beautiful girl who exudes charisma both on and off stage. Despite her fame and success, she remains down-to-earth and caring towards others. She is known for her kindness towards Ranka Lee, a fellow aspiring singer, and often supports her behind the scenes. Sheryl’s encounters with others, especially Alto Saotome, lead to the development of complex emotions and relationships throughout the series.


Sheryl Nome comes from the Macross Galaxy fleet, where she gained immense popularity as a pop idol. Her captivating performances and chart-topping songs have made her a household name, and she is considered impossible to ignore in the galaxy. It turns out that Sheryl’s past is shrouded in mystery. She was once a homeless orphan living in the slums of Galaxy before being discovered by Grace O’Connor and given the name Sheryl Nome. Despite her glamorous appearance, Sheryl carries the burden of a deadly “V-Type” infection that threatens her life.


Sheryl Nome is known for her stunning looks. She has long, flowing blonde hair with pink highlights that perfectly complement her striking blue eyes. Her fashion sense is impeccable, often seen in stylish and glamorous outfits befitting her pop idol status. Sheryl’s signature earrings hold sentimental value as they were a gift from her mother, who received them from her own mother, Mao Nome. Her physical beauty, combined with her undeniable talent, adds to her allure and magnetic presence.


Sheryl Nome’s primary talent lies in her singing abilities. Her powerful and melodious voice captivates audiences and has earned her a devoted fan base. She has a remarkable stage presence and effortlessly commands attention whenever she performs. Sheryl’s songs convey a wide range of emotions, from energetic and upbeat tracks to soulful ballads. Her musical prowess contributes to her popularity and success as a pop idol, solidifying her position as the “Galactic Fairy”.

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Sheryl Nome’s journey in Macross F begins on the Macross Galaxy fleet, where she rose to fame as a pop idol. However, events unfold that lead her to Macross Frontier, Galaxy’s sister fleet. It is in this new environment that her relationships with other characters, such as Alto Saotome and Ranka Lee, become significant. Sheryl’s past as a failed test subject known as Fairy 9 and her connection to Grace O’Connor add layers of complexity to her character. As the series progresses, Sheryl’s struggles, growth, and emotions become integral to the overall narrative.

Sheryl Nome – FAQ

Who is Sheryl Nome in “Macross F”?

Sheryl Nome is a fictional character in the anime series “Macross Frontier” (abbreviated as “Macross F”). She is one of the main characters and a popular pop idol in the series.

What is Sheryl Nome’s profession?

Sheryl Nome is a talented singer and pop idol. She is known for her captivating performances and has a large fan base within the series.

What is Sheryl Nome’s personality like?

Sheryl Nome is portrayed as confident, ambitious and charismatic. She has a strong stage presence and is often seen as a symbol of glamour and success. However, she also has a vulnerable side and undergoes personal growth throughout the series.

Does Sheryl Nome have any significant relationships?

Sheryl Nome develops a complex relationship with the protagonist of the series, Alto Saotome. Their relationship evolves throughout the story, with moments of both attraction and conflict. She also develops relationships with other characters in the series, including her manager Grace O’Connor and rival pop idol Ranka Lee.

What are Sheryl Nome’s most notable achievements as a pop idol?

Sheryl Nome is known for her numerous hit songs and successful music career within the narrative of Macross Frontier. She has a significant influence on the pop culture of the series and is often considered a trendsetter in the fictional world.

Does Sheryl Nome have any memorable appearances in the series?

Yes, Sheryl Nome has several memorable performances in Macross Frontier. One of her most iconic performances is during the Battle of the Star Date Concert, where she sings the theme song “Diamond Crevasse” at a pivotal moment in the story. Her performances are often accompanied by elaborate sets and stunning visual effects.