Original Name レグ
Romaji Name Regu
Nicknames None
Series Made in Abyss
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Reg – Exploring the enigmatic robot from “Made in Abyss


Reg, a prominent character in the Made in Abyss anime and manga series, has a unique and fascinating personality. Despite his formidable fighting skills, Reg is portrayed as shy and unassertive. He often blushes easily and sheds tears when faced with distressing situations. Unlike his companion Riko, Reg tends to become easily flustered when danger looms, often relying on Riko’s judgment to navigate difficult circumstances. This contrast between his physical strength and emotional vulnerability adds depth to his character and makes him relatable to the audience.


Reg’s background is shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to his character. The exact details of his age, background, and even his name are unknown to him. Reg’s memory is fragmented, and he can’t remember anything about his life before he met Riko in the First Layer of the Abyss. Riko, impressed by his abilities and in need of a companion, gave him the name “Regu”, reminiscent of a dog she once had. This lack of information about Regu’s past contributes to the sense of wonder and discovery that pervades the series.


Reg’s appearance is that of a young boy, but he is actually a robot. His body is exceptionally durable and resistant to physical damage, despite his light weight. One of his most notable physical features are his extendable arms, which can reach up to 40 meters in length. Each arm is equipped with a powerful relic called the Incinerator, which functions as a high-powered beam cannon capable of reducing almost anything to ashes. However, using the Incinerator drains Reg’s energy, causing him to lose consciousness for a significant period of time. This unique combination of childlike appearance and advanced robotic capabilities makes Reg visually distinct and adds to his enigmatic nature.


Reg possesses a number of extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable fighter and an invaluable asset to Riko on her journey through the Abyss. His Incinerator Arms, as mentioned earlier, give him a devastating offensive capability. In addition, his artificial body gives him immunity to the Curse of the Abyss, a mysterious and deadly force that affects most other beings who venture into its depths. This immunity makes Reg a rare and important being within the Abyss, earning him the nickname “Aubade” or “Treasure of the Deep”. Reg’s physical prowess, combined with his unique attributes, allows him to navigate and survive the dangerous challenges of the Abyss.


The exact origin of Reg remains a mystery within the context of the series. While the anime and manga provide limited information about his creation, his true purpose and the circumstances that led to his existence have yet to be fully explored. The mystery surrounding Reg’s origin adds an element of anticipation and curiosity to the story, leaving fans eager to uncover more details and unravel the secrets of his past.
Reg, the enigmatic robot from Made in Abyss, captivates audiences with his mysterious background, unique abilities, and endearing personality. As the series progresses, the search for the truth about his origins becomes intertwined with Riko’s journey through the Abyss. Reg’s contrasting characteristics, from his physical strength to his emotional vulnerability, make him a compelling and relatable character. With his visual distinctiveness and formidable abilities, Reg continues to leave a lasting impression on fans as they delve deeper into the depths of the Abyss with him.

Reg – FAQ

Who is Reg in “Made in Abyss”?

Reg is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Made in Abyss”. He is a humanoid robot with a mysterious past, incredible strength, and various built-in gadgets.

What is Reg’s purpose in the story?

Reg’s purpose in the story is to accompany the protagonist, Riko, on her journey into the Abyss. He serves as her protector and provides assistance with his unique abilities, such as his powerful arm cannon and the ability to extend his limbs.

How did Reg end up in the Abyss?

Reg’s origins and how he ended up in the Abyss are shrouded in mystery. He has no memory of his past or how he came to be in the Abyss. His discovery by Riko and subsequent journey with her serve as a central plot point in the series.

What are Reg’s abilities?

Reg has several remarkable abilities. His body is incredibly durable and resistant to the effects of the Abyssal, and he can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. He has a powerful incinerator cannon built into his right arm, which he can use for both offense and defense. He can also extend his limbs and has telescopic vision.

Does Reg have emotions or a personality?

Although Reg is a humanoid robot, he exhibits emotions and develops a distinct personality over the course of the series. He forms a deep bond with Riko and shows care and concern for her well-being. However, his emotional range and understanding are still limited compared to humans.

Can Reg regenerate or repair himself?

Yes, Reg has the ability to repair and regenerate himself to a certain extent. His body is made of a special material called “Nanachi’s Blood,” which can quickly heal any damage he suffers. However, severe damage or complete destruction of his body can still be a significant challenge to overcome.