Kotoha Hanami

Original Name (Japanese): 花海 ことは
Romanized Name: Hanami Kotoha
Nicknames: Ha-chan, Cure Felice
Series: Mahoutsukai Precure!
Age: Unknown (appears young)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Here is an article about Kotoha Hanami from Mahoutsukai Precure!


Kotoha Hanami, also known as “Ha-chan”, is a young and cheerful fairy who appears in Mahoutsukai Precure! As a young girl, she goes by the name of Hanami Kotoha. Despite her baby-like appearance, she acts quite mature while still maintaining a childlike and energetic demeanor. She is shown to be friendly, curious, and supportive of her friends Mirai and Riko.

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Kotoha Hanami comes from the mysterious Linkle Smartbook, though the reasons for this are unknown. She plays a key role in the Precure team and eventually transforms into the final Cure form of Cure Felice.


Kotoha has a baby-like appearance with a small stature, pink hair in twin tails, and turquoise eyes. When transformed into Cure Felice, her appearance changes to that of a young girl with long pink hair and a magical girl outfit.


As Cure Felice, Kotoha gains the ability to transform and use magical powers to fight alongside her teammates Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. She can perform various attacks and abilities related to plant life.


Kotoha’s origins are somewhat mysterious, as she appears from the Linkle Smartbook for unknown reasons. Her transformation into Cure Felice plays a pivotal role in the story of Mahoutsukai Precure!

Kotoha Hanami – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kotoha Hanami from “Mahoutsukai Precure!

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Who is Kotoha Hanami?

Kotoha Hanami is one of the main healer characters in the anime series “Mahoutsukai Precure! She is the Cure of Flowers and transforms into Cure Felice.

What are Kotoha’s powers as Cure Felice?

As Cure Felice, Kotoha has the power to control and manipulate flowers. She can create a floral barrier to protect herself and her teammates, and her signature attack is the “Felice Eclair,” which summons a powerful burst of flower-based energy.

What is Kotoha’s personality like?

Kotoha is described as a gentle, kind-hearted, and compassionate young girl. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and tries her best to help those around her. Kotoha is also very curious about the world and eager to learn new things.

What is Kotoha’s background?

Kotoha is a transfer student who moves to the town where the story takes place. Not much is known about her family or past, but it’s revealed that she has a strong connection to the Flower Kingdom and her powers as Cure Felice.

How does Kotoha become a Precure?

Kotoha becomes a Precure when she meets Hanami, a fairy from the Flower Kingdom, who chooses her to become Cure Felice. With Hanami’s guidance, Kotoha learns to use her magical powers to protect the town and its inhabitants from the forces of evil.

How does Kotoha interact with the other members of the Precure?

Kotoha quickly befriends the other Precure members, Mirai and Riko, and they work together as a team to fight the enemies they face. Kotoha’s kind and supportive nature helps bring the group closer together, and she often provides emotional support and encouragement to her teammates.