Arika Yumemiya

Original Name (Japanese): アリカ・ユメミヤ
Romanized Name: Arika Yumemiya
Nicknames: Anty, Arinko-chan
Series: Mai-Otome, Mai-Otome Zwei
Age: 15
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Arika Yumemiya is described as cheerful, optimistic, and lacking in sophistication and “common sense” when dealing with royalty, likely due to her country background. She quickly befriends other students at Garderobe, especially her roommates Nina Wang and Erstin Ho. Arika is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an Otome.


Arika only lived with her grandmother, who died when Arika was 15 years old. She then travels to Windbloom to find out more information about her mother, who she was told was an Otome.

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Arika has short brown hair and blue eyes. When someone calls her the nickname “Anty” (or “Arinko-chan” in Japanese), her head temporarily transforms into that of an ant.


Arika eventually acquires her mother’s old Master GEM, the Blue Sky Sapphire, and makes a contract with the current Queen of Windbloom, Mashiro. At first, she is unable to unleash the GEM’s full potential, but later obtains the final form of the Robe, the Ultimate Blue Sky Robe. Arika’s element takes the form of a crystal spear called the Blue Sky Spear, and her main attack is the Bolt from the Blue, with the ultimate form being the Sword of Akatsuki.


Arika Yumemiya is the protagonist of the Mai-Otome anime and manga series. She is voiced by Mika Kikuchi in Japanese and Angie Beers in English.

Arika Yumemiya – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Arika Yumemiya from “Mai-Otome”:

Who is Arika Yumemiya?

Arika Yumemiya is the main character of the Mai-Otome anime and manga series. She is a young woman from the land of Windbloom who enrolls in the prestigious Garderobe Academy to become an Otome, a female warrior with special abilities.

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What are Arika’s special abilities as an Otome?

As an Otome, Arika has the ability to materialize a powerful outfit and weapons known as a “robe” when she is bound to a master. She also possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility, allowing her to fight effectively as a warrior.

What is Arika’s relationship to Nina Wang?

Arika forms a close friendship with fellow Otome student Nina Wang, who initially sees Arika as a rival, but comes to respect and care for her. Their relationship is an important part of the story’s character development.

What is Arika’s background and how does it shape her personality?

Arika was orphaned at a young age and raised in the slums of Windbloom. Her difficult upbringing instills in her a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect the people she cares about. This personality trait drives much of her actions throughout the series.

How does Arika’s journey at the Garderobe Academy unfold?

As a student at Garderobe, Arika faces many challenges in her quest to become a full-fledged Otome. She must learn to control her powers, navigate the school’s politics and rivalries, and uncover secrets about her own past.

What is Arika’s role in the overall “Mai-Otome” story?

Arika plays a central role in the events of “Mai-Otome,” as her actions and decisions have a significant impact on the fate of the world. She becomes involved in a conflict that tests her abilities and principles as an Otome.