Iruma Suzuki

Japanese Name 鈴木 入間
Romaji Name Iruma Suzuki
Nicknames Iruma-kun, Iruma-chan
Series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
Age 14 years old
Weight Undisclosed
Height Undisclosed
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Blood Type Undisclosed

Iruma Suzuki from “Mairimashita! Iruma-kun”: A closer look


Iruma Suzuki, the protagonist of “Mairimashita! Iruma-kun,” is a 14-year-old human boy who finds himself in the underworld after his selfish parents sell him to a demon named Sullivan. Iruma is portrayed as a cheerful and mild-mannered individual, often seen with a smile on his face. However, he has a habit of being a pushover and has difficulty refusing serious requests from others. Despite his initial fear of being discovered as a human and possibly becoming prey, Iruma gradually learns to adapt to his new life in the underworld and tries to fit in with his demon classmates at Babyl’s Demon School.


Iruma’s journey begins when his parents make the unfortunate decision to sell him to a demon. As a result, he is sent to the underworld, where he meets Sullivan, who becomes his adoptive grandfather. Sullivan enrolls Iruma in the prestigious Babyls Demon School, where he finds himself in the misfit class alongside classmates Asmodeus Alice and Clara Valac. Throughout the series, Iruma navigates the challenges of being a human in a world full of demons while striving to maintain his secret identity.


Iruma Suzuki is depicted as a typical 14-year-old boy with brown hair and kind, expressive eyes. He often wears the standard Babyls Demon School uniform of white shirt, black pants, and red tie. Iruma’s appearance reflects his unassuming nature and his desire to blend in with the demon students around him.


While Iruma initially lacks any special powers or abilities, he possesses an item called the “Gluttonous Feeder Ring,” which gives him the ability to consume vast amounts of magical energy. This ability proves valuable as it allows Iruma to participate in various challenges and competitions at the Demon School. Throughout the series, Iruma also demonstrates his intelligence, resourcefulness, and resilience, overcoming obstacles with his wit and determination.


Iruma Suzuki comes from the manga and anime series “Mairimashita! Iruma-kun,” created by Osamu Nishi. The story follows Iruma’s journey through the demon world and his experiences at Babyl’s Demon School. The series has gained popularity for its unique premise, endearing characters, and mix of comedy, adventure, and supernatural elements.

Iruma Suzuki – FAQ

Who is Iruma Suzuki?

Iruma Suzuki is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Mairimashita! Iruma-kun”. He is a human boy who was sold by his parents to a demon named Sullivan. As a result, Iruma becomes a student at the Babyls School for Demons.

How does Iruma adjust to life in the demon world?

At first, Iruma struggles to adjust to life in the demon world due to his lack of knowledge and experience with demons. However, he quickly learns to overcome the challenges and makes friends along the way. With his kind-hearted nature and determination, Iruma gradually becomes more comfortable in his new surroundings.

What are Iruma Suzuki’s special skills?

Iruma doesn’t have any inherent special abilities like other demons in the series. However, he does have a unique talent for making deals with demons, which grants him various powers and abilities. In addition, Iruma’s kindness and compassion often inspire others and help them overcome difficult situations.

Does Iruma have any challenges or enemies?

Yes, Iruma faces various challenges and enemies throughout the series. He encounters rival students, ambitious demons, and even powerful beings that pose a threat to him and his friends. However, through his wit, determination, and the support of his friends, Iruma is able to overcome these obstacles.

How does Iruma’s relationship with his demon classmates develop?

At first, Iruma’s relationship with his fellow demons is strained because of his human nature. However, as they get to know him better, they begin to appreciate his genuine and kind-hearted personality. Over time, Iruma forms strong friendships and alliances with many of his classmates, earning their respect and trust.

Will Iruma’s human identity remain a secret?

For the most part, Iruma’s human identity remains a secret to his fellow demons. However, a select few, including his close friends and some influential individuals, eventually discover his true nature. Despite this revelation, Iruma’s relationships with his friends and allies remain intact, and they continue to support him.