Original Name マジェ
Romaji Name Majeh
Nicknames Ja Young Choi
Series Majeh
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Majeh from “Majeh

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Majeh, also known as Ja Young Choi, is the main protagonist of the manhwa series “Majeh”. He is portrayed as a very skilled swordsman with a complex personality. Majeh carries a sense of duty and responsibility, driven by his mission to hunt down evil spirits that have escaped into the mortal world. He is determined and focused, willing to risk his life to protect others. Despite his stoic and serious demeanor, Majeh also displays a caring and protective nature toward his allies and friends, forming strong bonds with them throughout his journey.


In the series, Majeh’s background is revealed as the story unfolds. He was once a great swordsman in a previous life, earning the title of the strongest swordsman in the world. After his death, however, he becomes an emissary of the King of Hell, tasked with returning escaped evil spirits to the underworld. Majeh’s spirit is returned to his preserved body by the King of Hell, with his adult form reverting to that of a teenager due to the effects of the superhuman seal.


Majeh’s appearance is that of a young teenager with a slender and athletic build. He has short, spiky white hair and piercing blue eyes. He typically wears a black sleeveless coat decorated with various belts and straps, along with black pants and boots. Majeh’s overall appearance exudes a sense of confidence and determination, reflecting his role as a skilled swordsman and his commitment to his mission.


As the main protagonist of the series, Majeh possesses extraordinary skills and abilities. He is a highly skilled swordsman known for his incredible strength, lightning speed, and superior swordsmanship. Majeh’s power is further enhanced by the Mark of the Superhuman Seal, which seals away a significant portion of his immense power. He demonstrates mastery of several techniques, including the famous Pegasus Mines and the Celestial Arrows of Judgement. Majeh’s fighting skills and tactical thinking make him a formidable opponent in battle.


Majeh originated in the world of “Majeh”, a manhwa series written by Ra In-soo and illustrated by Kim Jae-hwan. The story follows Majeh’s journey as he fulfills his mission to hunt down escaped evil spirits and protect the mortal world from their malevolent influence. Along the way, Majeh meets new and old characters who join him in his quest. The series combines elements of fantasy, action, and adventure, providing readers with an engaging narrative centered on Majeh’s exploits and personal growth.
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Majeh – FAQ

What is Majeh?

Majeh is a character from the manhwa (Korean comic) series “Majeh”. He is the protagonist of the story and possesses powerful supernatural abilities.

Who created the “Majeh” manhwa?

The “Majeh” manhwa was created by Kim Jae-Hwan. He is a South Korean manhwa artist and writer known for his work on various action and fantasy manga.

What is the story of “Majeh”?

The story of “Majeh” revolves around the adventures of the main character, Majeh, who is a powerful warrior known as the “Dark Hunter”. He embarks on a journey to protect the world from evil forces and supernatural threats.

What powers does Majeh have?

Majeh possesses several supernatural powers and abilities. He is exceptionally skilled in martial arts and swordsmanship. In addition, he can manipulate and control dark energy, allowing him to perform powerful attacks and defend himself against formidable opponents.

Are there any other notable characters in “Majeh”?

Yes, “Majeh” features a diverse cast of characters. Some notable characters include Eun-Ah, a young girl who becomes Majeh’s apprentice, and Kang Tae-Shik, a former Dark Hunter who becomes Majeh’s ally.

Is “Majeh” available in English?

Yes, “Majeh” has been translated into English so that fans who are not fluent in Korean can enjoy the series. English translations of the manhwa are available in various formats, including physical copies and digital editions.

Is “Majeh” still in progress?

To the best of my knowledge, “Majeh” was still running in September 2021. Please note, however, that the status of a manhwa series can change over time, and it is recommended that you check reliable sources for the latest updates.