Mutsuko Sakura

Original Name (Japanese): 佐倉 睦子
Romaji Name: Sakura Mutsuko
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Major 2nd
Age: 11-14
Weight: Unknown
Height: 165 cm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Position: Outfielder, Pitcher
Bat/Throws: Right/Right
Teams: Mifune, Fuurin

Here is an article about Mutsuko Sakura from the anime/manga series “Major 2nd”:


Mutsuko Sakura is the main female character in Major 2nd. She is portrayed as a kind, caring, and hardworking individual. Mutsuko is passionate about baseball and is dedicated to improving her skills. She is also very supportive of her classmate and friend, Daigo Shigeno, who is the son of the main character from the original “Major” series. Mutsuko has a competitive spirit and is driven to get better at the sport she loves.

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Mutsuko is a classmate of Daigo Shigeno and they both attend Fuurin Junior High. As of the Fuurin Middle Arc, Mutsuko is the vice captain of the school’s baseball club. She and Daigo enrolled together at Fuurin Junior High after previously attending different schools.


Mutsuko has short, dark hair and brown eyes. She is of average height and build for a junior high school student. Mutsuko is often seen in her school uniform or baseball uniform while practicing or playing sports.


Mutsuko is skilled at baseball and plays as an outfielder and pitcher for her team. She is determined to continue improving her skills and become an even better player. Mutsuko’s hard work and dedication to the sport are her greatest strengths.


Mutsuko Sakura is a character created by Takuya Mitsuda for the Major 2nd manga and anime series. She is the main female protagonist and serves as a supporting character to the main protagonist, Daigo Shigeno.

Mutsuko Sakura – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Mutsuko Sakura from “Major 2nd”:

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Who is Mutsuko Sakura?

Mutsuko Sakura is a character in the anime and manga series “Major 2nd”. She is the mother of the main character, Daigo Shigeno, and the wife of Goro Shigeno, the protagonist of the original “Major” series.

What is Mutsuko’s role in the story?

Mutsuko is a supporting character who plays an important role in Daigo’s life and development. As a caring mother, she provides Daigo with emotional support and guidance as he faces the challenges of being the son of a former professional baseball player.

What is Mutsuko’s personality like?

Mutsuko is portrayed as a kind, patient and understanding mother. She supports Daigo’s interests and dreams, while encouraging him to work hard and pursue his goals. Despite the demands of raising a family, Mutsuko maintains a positive and nurturing attitude.

How does Mutsuko’s relationship with Goro affect the story?

Mutsuko’s marriage to Goro, the protagonist of the original “Major” series, is an important link between the two series. Their relationship and the family dynamics they share help bridge the gap between the previous generation and the new generation of characters.

What challenges does Mutsuko face as a mother?

As the wife of a former professional baseball player, Mutsuko must navigate the challenges of raising a son under immense pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps. She must balance her support for Daigo’s dreams with the reality of the demands placed on him by his family’s legacy.

How does Mutsuko’s character develop over the course of the story?

Over the course of the series, Mutsuko’s character evolves as she continues to support Daigo’s growth and development. She becomes a more active participant in her son’s life, offering guidance and wisdom while allowing him to forge his own path.