Gorou Honda

Japanese Name 本田 吾郎
Romaji Name Honda Gorou
Nicknames Shige Nogorou, Honda Junior
Series Major
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height 180 cm
Date of Birth November 5, 1985
Blood Type Unknown


Gorou Honda, the main character of “Major S2”, has a passionate and determined personality. His love for baseball runs deep, inherited from his father, who was a former player for the Yokohama Marine Stars. Gorou is driven by a strong desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional baseball player. He thrives on the challenges of the sport and puts his heart and soul into every competition. Gorou’s infectious enthusiasm and friendly nature make it easy for him to make friends, as people are drawn to his vibrant personality and unwavering excitement for the game.


Gorou Honda’s journey into the world of baseball began at a young age. He played for various teams throughout his school years, starting with the Mifune Dolphins in fourth grade and later joining the Hakata Little team in fifth and sixth grades. In ninth grade, he played for Mifune East Junior High, and in tenth and eleventh grades, he was a member of the Kaido High School JV team. In his twelfth grade, Gorou attended Seishuu High School.
Throughout his career, Gorou has had the opportunity to play for several professional teams. He played briefly for the Anaheim Salmons and the Cougars during MLB spring training in 2004. He then joined the Memphis Bats for the regular season that same year. From 2004 to 2019, Gorou played for the Indiana Hornets and participated in the Arizona Autumn League in the postseason. He also represented Japan in the 2005 and 2013 Baseball World Cups, where he showed off his exceptional skills. He currently plays for the Yokohama Blue Oceans as a shortstop.


Gorou Honda has a youthful appearance with a lean and athletic build. He stands at a height of 180 cm (approximately 5’11”) and has a confident demeanor. Throughout the Major S2 series, Gorou is often seen wearing his baseball uniform, showing his dedication to the sport.


Gorou Honda is a highly skilled baseball player with a versatile set of skills. Originally a pitcher, he showed impressive talent on the mound. However, due to a shoulder injury he sustained during Senior Little League, he transitioned to pitching with his left hand while continuing to bat right-handed. Gorou’s fastest pitch was recorded at 104 mph (167.3 km/h), demonstrating his exceptional arm strength.
Throughout his career, Gorou refined his pitching techniques, including his signature pitch, the gyroball, also known as the rising fastball. He later added the gyrofork or “forkball” to his repertoire. These pitches, combined with his determination and strategic thinking, make him a formidable opponent on the field.
As a hitter, Gorou showcases his power and precision, utilizing his right-handed batting stance. His ability to adapt to different positions, from pitcher to batter, reflects his versatility as a player.


Gorou Honda is a character from the anime and manga series “Major”. Created by Takuya Mitsuda, “Major” follows Gorou’s journey from a young boy with a dream to a professional baseball player. The series showcases his growth as both an athlete and an individual, capturing the triumphs and challenges he faces throughout his career. “Major S2” is a specific season within the overall “Major” series, focusing on Gorou’s experiences during this particular period of his baseball career.
Gorou Honda’s character development, his relationships with other characters, and his pursuit of excellence on the baseball field form the core narrative of “Major S2,” providing viewers and readers with a compelling sports drama filled with passion and determination.

Gorou Honda – FAQ

Who is Gorou Honda?

Gorou Honda is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Major S2”. He is the protagonist of the series and a highly talented baseball player.

What is Gorou Honda’s background?

Gorou Honda was born into a family with a strong baseball lineage. His father, Shigeharu Honda, was also a professional baseball player and his role model. Gorou grew up with a deep passion for the sport and started playing baseball at a young age.

What are Gorou Honda’s strengths as a baseball player?

Gorou Honda has exceptional pitching skills, with a powerful and accurate fastball. He is known for his fierce determination, unwavering focus, and incredible work ethic. Gorou’s physical skills, combined with his mental toughness, make him a formidable player on the field.

Will Gorou Honda face any challenges in Major S2?

Yes, Gorou Honda faces many challenges throughout Major S2. He encounters fierce competition from rival teams, experiences injuries that temporarily hinder his performance, and struggles with the pressure of living up to his father’s legacy. Despite these obstacles, Gorou perseveres and continues to grow as a player.

How does Gorou Honda’s character develop in Major S2?

Throughout Major S2, Gorou Honda undergoes significant character development. He learns important life lessons about teamwork, humility, and the value of friendship. Gorou’s experiences on and off the field shape him into a more mature and well-rounded individual.

Will Gorou Honda succeed in Major S2?

Without giving away too many spoilers, yes, Gorou Honda achieves notable success in Major S2. He faces many ups and downs in his baseball career, but manages to achieve significant milestones and make a name for himself in the sport.