Kinue Hayase

Original (Japanese) Name: 早瀬絹江
Romaji Name: Hayase Kinue
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Masamune-kun no Revenge
Age: 42
Weight: Unknown
Height: 138 cm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Here is an article about Kinue Hayase from “Masamune no Revenge”:


Kinue Hayase is a very positive and loving mother. She always tries to do things that make her children, especially her son Masamune, happy. However, Masamune often gets annoyed by her overbearing affection. Kinue has a bit of a mood swing when Masamune refuses her food or attention. Despite this, she is genuinely devoted to her family.

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Kinue is the mother of Masamune Makabe and his younger sister Chinatsu. In the past, Kinue’s overprotective parenting style caused Masamune to gain weight as a child, which led to him being bullied. This, in turn, fueled Masamune’s desire for revenge against Kinue and the other people who tormented him.


Kinue is a very small woman, standing only 138 cm tall. Although she is 42 years old, she has a youthful and childlike appearance that could easily lead to her being mistaken for a child. She has light brown hair that curls at the ends and is usually worn in a ponytail, with some of her hair adorned with heart-shaped barrettes. Kinue usually wears sky-blue dresses and aprons, as well as pink full-length socks and white slippers.


Kinue’s main abilities seem to be her talent for cooking and her unwavering motherly love and care for her children. She is shown to be an excellent cook, constantly trying to provide Masamune with home-cooked meals. Kinue’s loving and nurturing personality is also an important part of her character.


Kinue Hayase is an original character created for the “Masamune-kun no Revenge” anime and manga series. She serves as the mother of the main protagonist, Masamune Makabe, and her overprotective parenting style plays a significant role in shaping Masamune’s backstory and motivations.

Kinue Hayase – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kinue Hayase from “Masamune no Revenge”:

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Who is Kinue Hayase?

Kinue Hayase is a supporting character in the anime/manga series “Masamune Kun No Revenge”. She is the class president and a classmate of the main characters.

What is Kinue Hayase’s role in the story?

Kinue is portrayed as a hardworking and responsible class president. She often tries to keep the other students, especially the main character Masamune, in line and on task. She develops a close friendship with Masamune’s love interest, Aki Adagaki.

What is Kinue Hayase’s personality like?

Kinue is shown to be serious, hardworking and duty-oriented. She takes her responsibilities as class president very seriously and sometimes comes across as stern or strict. However, she also has a caring side and genuinely wants the best for her classmates.

Does Kinue Hayase have a romantic relationship in the story?

No, Kinue Hayase is not shown to have any significant romantic relationships in the “Masamune no Revenge” series. She seems to focus on her duties as class president and supporting her friends rather than pursuing romantic interests.

How does Kinue Hayase interact with the main characters?

Kinue has an interesting dynamic with the main characters. She is often annoyed by Masamune’s antics and tries to keep him in line, but she also develops a close friendship with Aki. She serves as a foil to the more mischievous characters, providing a sense of order and responsibility.

What is Kinue Hayase’s role in the overall plot of “Masamune no Revenge”?

Although not a main character, Kinue Hayase plays an important supporting role in the story. She helps move the plot along by facilitating interactions between the main characters and providing a sense of structure and stability to the school setting.