Mira Tsubakihara

Japanese Name 椿原 ミラ
Romaji Name Tsubakihara Mira
Nicknames None
Series Master Piece The Animation
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Mira Tsubakihara, a character from “Master Piece The Animation”, has a warm and nurturing personality. As the mother of Yuna and Nina, she has taken on the role of a mother figure to Yuuji Enomoto, whom she adopted after the tragic death of his parents. Mira’s compassionate nature is evident in her willingness to provide a loving home for Yuuji and her dedication to supporting him emotionally. She is known for her kindness and selflessness, often putting the needs of others before her own.

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Mira’s background in “Master Piece The Animation” is not very detailed. However, it is revealed that she is the mother of Yuna and Nina. After the unfortunate death of Yuuji’s parents, Mira stepped in and adopted him, becoming an integral part of his life. While her personal history beyond this is not explicitly explored, her role as a caring and protective mother figure shows her commitment to nurturing those around her.


Mira Tsubakihara is portrayed as an adult female character in “Master Piece The Animation”. She has striking blue eyes and bright orange hair, which contribute to her distinctive appearance. Mira’s design emphasizes her mature and maternal qualities, further reinforcing her role as a nurturing figure within the series.


The specific abilities that Mira Tsubakihara possesses in “Master Piece The Animation” are not detailed in the available sources. However, her strengths lie in her emotional support and care for those around her. Mira’s ability to provide comfort, guidance, and love to Yuuji and her own children shows her exceptional abilities as a mother figure. Her presence and unwavering support are vital in helping the characters overcome the challenges they face throughout the series.


Mira Tsubakihara is originally from the anime series “Master Piece The Animation”. While details of her character’s origin story or background are limited, she plays a significant role in the lives of the main characters, particularly Yuuji Enomoto. As the adoptive mother of Yuuji and the mother of Yuna and Nina, Mira’s character contributes to the development of the storyline and emotional dynamics within the series.

Mira Tsubakihara – FAQ

Who is Mira Tsubakihara in “Master Piece The Animation”?

Mira Tsubakihara is a character in the anime series “Master Piece The Animation”. She is one of the main characters and a talented artist.

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What are Mira Tsubakihara’s special skills?

Mira Tsubakihara has a unique ability called “Artistic Imagination”, which allows her to visualize her artwork and bring it to life. Her drawings come to life and can affect the real world.

Can you tell me more about Mira’s personality?

Mira is known for her calm and collected demeanor. She is very focused and dedicated to her art, often spending hours immersed in her creations. She is also a kind-hearted individual who cares deeply for her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

What is Mira’s role in the anime?

Mira plays a pivotal role in the anime. Her unique abilities and artistic skills make her an indispensable asset in various situations. She often uses her talents to solve problems and overcome obstacles, contributing significantly to the progression of the story.

How does Mira’s “Artistic Imagination” work?

Mira’s Artistic Imagination allows her to visualize her drawings as if they were real. By focusing her thoughts and pouring her artistic energy into her artwork, she can bring it to life. The drawings can then interact with the world around her, creating both positive and negative effects.

Are there any limits to what Mira can do?

While Mira’s abilities are powerful, they are not limitless. The complexity and scale of her creations require a great deal of energy and concentration. Creating intricate and detailed drawings can be mentally and physically draining, and she needs time to recover after using her abilities extensively.