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Medaka Box Abnormal

Youka Naze

Original Name: 名瀬 夭歌 Romaji Name: Naze Youka Nicknames: Black White Series: Medaka Box Abnormal Age: 16 Weight: N/A Height: N/A Date of Birth: N/A Blood Type: AB Youka Naze from “Medaka Box Abnormal Personality Youka Naze, also known as Kujira Kurokami, is a complex character with a unique personality. At first, she appears to […]

Najimi Ajimu

Japanese Name 安心院 なじみ Romaji Name Ajimu Najimi Nicknames Anshin’in, The Non-Human Who Is Just Impartial Series Medaka Box Abnormal Age 3,402,193,822,311 Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type AB Personality Najimi Ajimu, from the anime series “Medaka Box Abnormal”, is a complex and enigmatic character with a multifaceted personality. She is […]

Misogi Kumagawa

Japanese Name 球磨川禊 Romaji Name Misogi Kumagawa Nicknames Born Loser, Naked Apron-senpai, Defective Product, Good Loser Series Medaka Box Abnormal Age 17 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type AB Academic Status 3rd year, class -13 Affiliation Previously: Kumagawa’s Student Council of Hakobune School, Kumagawa’s Student Council of Suisou Academy, Kumagawa’s Student […]