Gansaku Nanbu

Japanese Name 南部 贋作
Romaji Name Nanbu Gansaku
Series Megalo Box
Date of Birth
Blood Type


Gansaku Nanbu, a character from the anime series “Megalo Box”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as an experienced boxing coach with a tough exterior, but a caring and compassionate nature. Nanbu is known for his determination and unwavering dedication to his craft. Despite his initial skepticism of the protagonist, Joe, Nanbu gradually develops a deep bond with him and becomes a supportive mentor figure.

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Not much is revealed about Gansaku Nanbu’s background in the “Megalo Box” anime. However, it is mentioned that he was involved in underground boxing before becoming Joe’s coach. Nanbu’s experience in the underground circuit contributes to his knowledge of the sport and his ability to navigate the world of competitive boxing.


Gansaku Nanbu is portrayed as a middle-aged man with a rugged and weathered appearance. He has short gray hair and a scruffy beard, which adds to his tough demeanor. Nanbu is often seen wearing a worn-out tracksuit, reflecting his modest lifestyle and dedication to training his fighters.


As a boxing coach, Gansaku Nanbu has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the sport. He is adept at analyzing his fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, devising strategic training plans, and providing valuable advice during fights. Nanbu’s coaching style is a combination of tough love and encouragement, pushing his fighters to their limits and helping them reach their full potential.


Gansaku Nanbu comes from the anime series “Megalo Box,” which premiered in 2018. The series is set in a futuristic world where boxing matches are enhanced by advanced exoskeletons known as “gear”. Nanbu’s character plays a pivotal role as Joe’s coach, guiding him through the challenges of the boxing world and supporting him in his quest to become the ultimate champion.

Gansaku Nanbu – FAQ

Who is Gansaku Nanbu?

Gansaku Nanbu is a character from the anime series “Megalo Box”. He is the coach and mentor of the protagonist, Junk Dog (real name: Joe), and plays a pivotal role in his journey as a megaloboxer.

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What is Gansaku Nanbu’s background?

Gansaku Nanbu is a former professional boxer who had a promising career but fell from grace due to certain circumstances. After retiring from boxing, he became a coach and started training aspiring megaloboxers.

What is Gansaku Nanbu’s role in “Megalo Box”?

Gansaku Nanbu serves as Joe’s coach and manager in “Megalo Box”. He guides Joe through his training, strategizes his fights, and provides crucial support both in and out of the ring. Nanbu’s experience and knowledge play an important role in Joe’s journey to become a successful megaloboxer.

How does Gansaku Nanbu differ from other trainers in “Megalo Box”?

Gansaku Nanbu stands out from the other trainers in “Megalo Box” because of his unorthodox methods and unconventional approach to training. He often uses questionable tactics and manipulates the rules to give Joe an advantage in the matches. Nanbu’s focus is not only on winning, but also on helping Joe find his true potential as a boxer.

Does Gansaku Nanbu have any redeeming qualities?

Although Gansaku Nanbu initially appears to be a morally ambiguous character, he has redeeming qualities. Despite his questionable methods, Nanbu genuinely cares about Joe’s well-being and wants him to succeed. He also shows remorse for his past mistakes and seeks redemption through his guidance and support of Joe.

How does Gansaku Nanbu’s relationship with Joe develop over the course of the series?

Gansaku Nanbu’s relationship with Joe evolves significantly over the course of the series. At first, their bond is purely professional, with Nanbu focusing primarily on using Joe for his own gain. However, as they face challenges together, Nanbu begins to see Joe’s potential and genuinely cares for him, leading to a deeper and more meaningful mentor-student relationship.