Yuusaku Kudou

Japanese Name 工藤 優作
Romaji Name Kudou Yuusaku
Nicknames Booker
Series Meitantei Conan
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Yuusaku Kudou – A closer look at the character from “Meitantei Conan

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Yuusaku Kudou, also known as Booker, is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Meitantei Conan” (Detective Conan). He is portrayed as a relaxed and calm individual who rarely loses his temper. Yuusaku possesses a sharp intellect and keen observation skills, which he has passed on to his son, Shinichi Kudou. Despite his abilities, he chooses not to get directly involved in cases unless Conan, his son’s alter ego, seems unable to solve them alone. Yuusaku is known for his sharp wit and understanding of the criminal mind, which is reflected in his successful career as a crime novelist.


Yuusaku Kudou, also known as Kudou Shinichi’s father, is a famous mystery writer in the world of “Meitantei Conan”. From a young age, Yuusaku was known for his deductive skills and keen intellect. He became a close friend and valuable advisor to Inspector Megure, helping him solve difficult cases. Despite his frequent assistance to the police, Yuusaku’s primary ambition was to become a writer. He quickly gained recognition as a young novelist in his early twenties. It was during this time that he met Fujimine Yukiko, a renowned actress, and proposed to her after brilliantly solving a murder case. They eventually married and had a son named Shinichi.


Yuusaku Kudou is depicted as an adult male with a tall stature and slender build. He has short, dark hair and is often seen wearing glasses. Yuusaku’s appearance is often characterized by his calm and collected demeanor. His clothing is usually formal, befitting his status as a successful writer.


Yuusaku Kudou possesses an exceptional intellect and powers of observation, which he has honed over the years. His abilities surpass those of his son, Shinichi, who has also inherited his father’s talents. Yuusaku’s keen deductive reasoning and understanding of the criminal mind are evident in the puzzles he creates in his novels. He is often portrayed as being one step ahead of both Shinichi and the criminals, although he prefers to let Conan take the lead in solving cases. Yuusaku’s success as a novelist can be attributed to his keen insight into human behavior and his ability to create compelling plots.


Yuusaku Kudou’s character comes from the “Meitantei Conan” series created by Gosho Aoyama. The series follows the story of Shinichi Kudou, a brilliant high school detective who is transformed into a child after being exposed to an experimental poison. Yuusaku plays an important role in the series as Shinichi’s father and mentor. His character adds depth to the narrative by providing support and guidance to both Shinichi and Conan during their investigations.

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Yuusaku Kudou – FAQ

Who is Yuusaku Kudou?

Yuusaku Kudou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Meitantei Conan” (also known as “Detective Conan”). He is the father of the main protagonist, Shinichi Kudo, and a world-renowned crime novelist.

What is Yuusaku Kudou’s personality like?

Yuusaku Kudou is portrayed as a calm, serene, and highly intelligent individual. He has great deductive reasoning skills and often helps his son and other characters solve complex cases. He is also known for his witty and sarcastic sense of humor.

What is Yuusaku Kudou’s role in “Meitantei Conan”?

In the series, Yuusaku Kudou serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for his son, Shinichi Kudo, who becomes Detective Conan Edogawa after being transformed into a child by a mysterious poison. Yuusaku’s expertise in writing mysteries and solving crimes often proves invaluable to Conan’s investigations.

Is Yuusaku Kudou involved in any criminal cases?

While Yuusaku Kudou is primarily portrayed as a mystery writer and not directly involved in criminal cases, he occasionally finds himself in dangerous situations due to his association with his son, Shinichi/Conan, and his involvement in solving complex mysteries. However, he is not portrayed as a professional detective or law enforcement officer.

Does Yuusaku Kudou have any special skills?

Yuusaku Kudou’s special skills lie in his keen powers of observation and deduction, which he has honed through his career as a mystery writer. He possesses a keen intellect and often amazes others with his ability to solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden truths.

Are there any notable relationships in Yuusaku Kudou’s life?

Yuusaku Kudou is married to Yukiko Kudou, a former famous actress known as “Yukiko Fujimine”. Together they form a supportive and loving family for their son, Shinichi/Conan. Yuusaku and Yukiko occasionally work together to solve mysteries, showing their strong bond and shared interest in solving crimes.