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Metal Fight Beyblade

Kyouya Tategami

Japanese Name 盾神 キョウヤ Romaji Name Kyouya Tategami Nicknames The Lion King Series Metal Fight Beyblade Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Kyouya Tategami The fierce blade of “Metal Fight Beyblade”. Personality Kyouya Tategami, a prominent character in the “Metal Fight Beyblade” anime series, is known for his […]


Original Name (Japanese): 竜牙 Romaji Name: Ryuuga Nicknames: None Series: Metal Fight Beyblade Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Here is an article about Ryuuga from the Metal Fight Beyblade series: Personality Ryuuga is initially portrayed as an antagonist, being the lead Blader of the Dark Nebula Organization. […]