Miko Yotsuya

Original Name 四谷みこ
Romaji Name Yotsuya Miko
Nicknames Meme-chan
Series Mieruko-chan
Age 16-18
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Miko Yotsuya, the main character of the “Mieruko-chan” series, has a complex and fascinating personality. Due to her unique ability to see ghosts, including powerful ones that remain invisible to others, Miko lives a life of constant fear and anxiety. Despite her frightening encounters with these supernatural entities, Miko strives to maintain a stoic and unwavering demeanor. She has learned that acknowledging the spirits only invites more trouble, so she often suppresses her emotions and puts on a facade of bravery. However, when she feels safe, her act crumbles, revealing her vulnerability and true fear.


Miko Yotsuya’s background is largely explored within the context of the “Mieruko-chan” series. She is portrayed as a high school student with the extraordinary ability to perceive ghosts. Miko’s life takes a drastic turn when she becomes aware of these otherworldly beings, which are often frightening and threatening in appearance. Her encounters with ghosts have a profound effect on her daily life, as she lives in constant fear of their presence. Miko’s struggle to come to terms with her newfound ability shapes her character and sets the stage for the events of the series.


Miko Yotsuya’s physical appearance is described as follows: she is a teenage girl with black hair, which has faded purple tips in the anime adaptation of “Mieruko-chan”. Her eyes are a striking shade of yellow, adding to her unique and somewhat eerie appearance. Miko’s appearance reflects her dual nature – on the surface, she appears ordinary, but her ability to perceive spirits sets her apart from others. This contrast between her outward appearance and her extraordinary perception adds depth to her character and serves as a visual representation of her inner struggles.


Miko Yotsuya has the extraordinary ability to see spirits, even those that are invisible to most people. Her power allows her to perceive these supernatural entities with remarkable clarity, including powerful spirits that are beyond the detection of other mediums. This ability remains active at all times, meaning that Miko is constantly aware of the presence of spirits in her environment. However, she has discovered that if she ignores them and does not acknowledge their existence, they are less likely to bother her. Miko’s ability to maintain a stoic and unflinching demeanor in the face of supernatural horrors is a testament to her inner strength and resilience.


Miko Yotsuya is from the series “Mieruko-chan”, a horror-comedy webcomic, manga and anime. As the main protagonist, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with her ability to perceive ghosts and the challenges that come with it. Miko’s character development unfolds as she navigates the intersection of the ordinary and supernatural worlds, constantly striving to protect herself from unsettling encounters with ghosts. Her origin story is intricately woven into the fabric of the series, providing a compelling narrative that explores themes of fear, resilience, and the human ability to face the unknown.
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Miko Yotsuya – FAQ

Who is Miko Yotsuya?

Miko Yotsuya is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Mieruko-chan”. She is a high school girl who has the ability to see supernatural beings, specifically ghosts and otherworldly beings that are invisible to most people.

How does Miko Yotsuya discover her ability to see supernatural beings?

Miko Yotsuya discovers her ability to see supernatural creatures after meeting a mysterious masked girl at her school. From that point on, she begins to see ghosts and other supernatural beings in her everyday life.

How does Miko Yotsuya react to seeing supernatural creatures?

At first, Miko Yotsuya is terrified by the supernatural beings she sees. She tries to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. However, as the series progresses, she becomes more courageous and begins to confront the supernatural beings, often using her wit and resourcefulness to deal with them.

How does Miko Yotsuya’s ability affect her everyday life?

Miko Yotsuya’s ability to see supernatural beings greatly affects her daily life. She is constantly on guard and has to navigate a world where she encounters ghosts and monsters that no one else can see. This leads to many stressful and sometimes humorous situations.

Does Miko Yotsuya share her ability to see supernatural beings with others?

At first, Miko Yotsuya keeps her ability to see supernatural creatures a secret, afraid that others will think she’s crazy or not believe her. However, as the story progresses, she begins to confide in her close friends and family members, sharing her experiences and seeking their support.

Does Miko Yotsuya have any allies or friends who can also see supernatural beings?

Yes, throughout the series, Miko Yotsuya meets other characters who can see supernatural creatures, including her friend Hana-chan. These allies provide Miko with a support network and help her deal with the supernatural entities she encounters.