Muu Kusunoki

Original Name (Japanese): 楠 夢羽
Romanized Name: Kusunoki Muu
Nicknames: None
Age: 16
Height: 162 cm
Weight: Not Specified
Date of Birth: July 5
Blood Type: A


Muu Kusunoki is a complex and multifaceted character in the MILGRAM series. On the surface, she appears calm and collected, but she is actually quite outspoken and often rebels against the situation she finds herself in in MILGRAM. Muu gives the impression that she grew up in a wealthy family, and when she gets into a fight, she tends to cry or whine. However, she does not like to argue with people she considers her friends and is very sensitive, although she can be a bit arrogant at times.


Muu’s background is not fully explored in the available information, but it is known that she is a prisoner of MILGRAM with the code number 004. Her age is given as 16, and her birthday is July 5.

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Muu has a petite, youthful appearance and is 162 cm tall. She has blonde hair and light eyes, which are described as giving her a “foreign” look. This, combined with her demeanor, suggests that she may have a mixed cultural heritage or upbringing.


The available information does not provide details on Muu’s specific abilities or skills. As a prisoner in MILGRAM, it is likely that she possesses some physical and mental abilities, but her specific talents are not explicitly stated.


Muu Kusunoki is a character created for the MILGRAM series, a multimedia project that includes an anime, a visual novel, and other related content. Her origin and the broader context of the MILGRAM world are not fully explored in the available information.

Muu Kusunoki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Muu Kusunoki from “MILGЯAM”:

Who is Muu Kusunoki?

Muu Kusunoki is a main character in the science fiction novel “MILGЯAM”. She is a young woman living in a dystopian future society controlled by a powerful authoritarian organization called MILGЯAM. Muu becomes involved in a resistance movement against MILGЯAM’s oppressive rule.

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What is Muu’s role in the story?

Muu serves as the protagonist of “MILGЯAM”. The story follows her journey as she gradually becomes aware of the true nature of the MILGЯAM regime and her own mysterious past. Muu is recruited by the resistance movement and plays a pivotal role in their fight to overthrow MILGЯAM’s control.

What are Muu’s main personality traits?

Muu is portrayed as intelligent, curious, and strong-willed. Despite living in a repressive society, she retains a sense of idealism and a desire for freedom. As the story progresses, Muu also becomes more resourceful, determined, and willing to take risks in pursuit of her goals.

What are Muu’s special skills or abilities?

Muu demonstrates a keen intellect and the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. She is adept at hacking and technology, which proves useful in her efforts to uncover MILGЯAM’s secrets and disrupt their operations. Muu also displays physical prowess and combat skills, which she uses to defend herself and aid the Resistance.

How does Muu’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the novel, Muu undergoes significant personal growth and transformation. She begins as a relatively passive individual, but as she becomes more aware of MILGЯAM’s atrocities, she becomes increasingly defiant and committed to the resistance movement. Muu also grapples with the revelation of her own past and its implications for her future.

What is Muu’s relationship to other key characters in the story?

Muu forms close relationships with several members of the resistance, including a charismatic leader named Akira and a brilliant hacker named Rin. These relationships are crucial to Muu’s development and the overall success of the Resistance’s efforts. Muu also has complex interactions with MILGЯAM officials, including a mysterious figure from her past.