Marco Ikusaba

Japanese Name 戦場 マルコ
Romaji Name Ikusaba Marco
Nicknames Maru, Seventh
Series Mirai Nikki (TV)
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Marco Ikusaba – The seventh diary user of Mirai Nikki (TV)

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Marco Ikusaba, one of the prominent characters in the anime series “Mirai Nikki (TV)”, has a unique and fascinating personality. Marco is a skilled street fighter who is deeply devoted to his love interest, Ai Mikami. Their strong bond and teamwork make them a formidable force in the survival game they are thrust into. Marco is known for his unwavering loyalty and determination to protect Ai at all costs. He is willing to go to great lengths to ensure her survival and achieve her goal of becoming a god.


Marco Ikusaba has a tragic past that plays a significant role in shaping his character. He and Ai are orphans who found solace in each other’s company after Ai was adopted by Kamado Ueshita, Marco’s guardian. Their shared experiences and deep bond fuel their desire to win the survival game and secure a future where they can be together forever. Marco’s background adds layers of complexity to his character, as his devotion to Ai stems from the bonds they formed during their difficult upbringing.


In terms of appearance, Marco Ikusaba has a distinctive and memorable look. He is depicted with brown hair, styled in a pompadour and sporting a shoulder-length hairstyle. His eyes are black with a unique feature known as sanpaku eyes. Marco’s appearance perfectly reflects his rebellious and street-smart nature, complementing his skills as a street brawler.


Marco has remarkable abilities that contribute to his effectiveness as a diary user in the survival game. Initially, he and Ai use apprentice diaries that other characters mistake for their real future diaries. Marco’s diary, known as The Unbeatable Brawler Diary, allows him to predict and counter his opponents’ attacks before they happen. Ai’s Flirting Diary, on the other hand, allows her to locate any man she wishes to flirt with in the future.
However, their real diaries, known as the Exchange Diaries, are the key to their success. With these diaries, Marco and Ai can report on each other’s immediate future, allowing them to work together seamlessly and cover each other’s weaknesses. Their ability to synchronize their actions and anticipate each other’s moves makes them a formidable duo in the survival game.


The character of Marco Ikusaba originates from the anime and manga series “Mirai Nikki” (also known as “Future Diary”). Created by Sakae Esuno, this dark and thrilling series follows the story of Yukiteru Amano, who receives a diary that can predict the future. Marco is introduced as one of the seventh diary owners, sharing his position with Ai Mikami. Their involvement in the survival game and the complexity of their relationship contribute significantly to the overall narrative of “Mirai Nikki (TV)”.

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Marco Ikusaba – FAQ

Who is Marco Ikusaba?

Marco Ikusaba is a character from the anime series “Mirai Nikki” (also known as “Future Diary”). He is one of the participants in the survival game known as the “Diary Game”.

What is Marco’s role in the Diary Game?

Marco is the fourth Diary Holder in the Diary Game. He possesses the Hindsight Diary, which allows him to see the future actions of others up to ten minutes in advance.

What are Marco’s traits and personality?

Marco is portrayed as a quiet and intelligent individual. He is often seen wearing a lab coat and glasses, reflecting his scientific background. He is introverted and prefers to observe and analyze situations before acting. Marco is also shown to be very logical and strategic in his approach.

What are Marco’s motivations in the Diary game?

Marco participates in the Diary Game with the goal of creating a world free of chaos and uncertainty. He believes that by eliminating the other Diary Holders and becoming the new God of Time and Space, he can bring order to the world.

Does Marco have a relationship with any of the other characters?

Marco forms an alliance with the ninth Diary Holder, Minene Uryu, to achieve their respective goals. They work together and share information to gain an advantage in the survival game. Other than that, Marco has limited interactions with other characters.

What are some notable moments involving Marco in “Mirai Nikki”?

A notable moment involving Marco is when he reveals his true identity and ambitions to the other Diary Holders, surprising them with his intelligence and determination. Another significant moment is when Marco devises a complex plan to trap and eliminate his opponents, demonstrating his strategic skills.

Does Marco have any weaknesses or vulnerabilities?

While Marco is highly intelligent and possesses a powerful diary, his over-reliance on logic and lack of emotional understanding can be considered his weaknesses. He tends to underestimate the unpredictability of human actions and emotions, which can put him at a disadvantage in certain situations.