Yuiko Okuzumi

Original Name (Japanese): 奥墨 ユイコ
Romaji Name: Okuzumi Yuiko
Nicknames: None
Series: Miru Tights
Age: 27
Height: 169 cm
Weight: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Blood Type: N/A

Yuiko Okuzumi


Yuiko Okuzumi is the young and popular teacher of Ren Aikawa’s class. She is very dedicated and passionate about teaching, although she can sometimes get overexcited. Outside of school, she likes to drink sake.

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Yuiko Okuzumi is 27 years old and teaches at the school attended by the main characters, Ren, Homi and Yua.


Yuiko has a beautiful appearance and is described as having a mature, sexy charm. She is 169 cm tall and wears a favorite pair of 20 denier pantyhose.


As a teacher, Yuiko is skilled at educating and guiding her students. She seems to have a deep knowledge of the subjects she teaches.


Yuiko Okuzumi is a character from the anime series “Miru Tights”, based on the manga of the same name.

Yuiko Okuzumi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Yuiko Okuzumi from “Miru Tights”:

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Who is Yuiko Okuzumi?

Yuiko Okuzumi is a character from the anime series “Miru Tights”. She is a high school student who has a strong admiration for tights and enjoys observing and appreciating them on other female students.

What is Yuiko’s role in the story?

Yuiko is one of the main characters in Miru Tights. She is often seen observing the tights worn by her classmates, especially the main character Miko, and commenting on their style and appearance. Yuiko’s love for tights is a central theme of the series.

What is Yuiko’s personality like?

Yuiko is portrayed as a reserved and somewhat eccentric character who is deeply fascinated by tights. She is often seen taking detailed notes and photographs of the tights worn by other girls, much to their confusion and discomfort. Despite her unusual interests, Yuiko is generally kind and well-meaning, though she can come across as overly intense at times.

Does Yuiko have any special abilities or characteristics?

Yuiko’s most notable trait is her exceptional ability to observe and appreciate the finer details of tights. She can often identify the specific brand, style, and even the denier (thickness) of the tights her classmates are wearing. This attention to detail is a source of amusement and admiration for the other characters.

How does Yuiko interact with other characters?

Yuiko’s interactions with the other characters in “Miru Tights” are often quite comical. She is frequently shown startling or embarrassing her classmates with her intense focus on their tights, much to their discomfort. However, she also forms genuine friendships with some of the other characters, especially Miko, whom she deeply admires.

What is Yuiko’s role in the overall plot of “Miru Tights”?

Although Yuiko is not the main protagonist of Miru Tights, she plays an important role in the series’ exploration of the characters’ relationships and attitudes towards fashion and self-expression. Yuiko’s unique perspective on tights serves as a lens through which viewers can examine the show’s broader themes, such as the power of personal interest and the importance of embracing one’s individuality.