Ritsu Kageyama

Original Name: 影山 律
Romaji Name: Kageyama Ritsu
Nicknames: None
Series: Mob Psycho 100
Age: Depends on the series
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Date of Birth: July 2
Blood Type: Depends on the series

Ritsu Kageyama of “Mob Psycho 100”: A Comprehensive Character Analysis

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Ritsu Kageyama, also known as Ritsu, is a main character in the popular anime series “Mob Psycho 100”. He is portrayed as a highly intelligent and ambitious individual who excels in academics and various other endeavors. Ritsu is a member of the student council and shows a strong dedication to his responsibilities. While he appears serious and composed on the surface, Ritsu can be prone to moments of anxiety and volatility. He harbors a deep desire for psychic powers, similar to his brother Shigeo, also known as Mob. Ritsu’s personality is characterized by his perfectionism, a trait that often drives him to push his limits.


Born on July 2nd under the sign of Cancer, Ritsu is the younger brother of Shigeo Kageyama. Before awakening his own psychic abilities, Ritsu longed for the esper powers his brother possessed. Frustrated by his initial inability to display such powers, Ritsu carried spoons around with him, hoping to master the skill of bending them. Despite his exceptional academic achievements, Ritsu’s primary focus is his relationship with his brother, whom he deeply admires and cherishes above all else.


Ritsu Kageyama is portrayed as a typical high school student. He has short, dark hair and is often seen wearing his school uniform. Ritsu’s physical appearance reflects his serious and studious nature. However, his character design also hints at the presence of a hidden dark side that becomes more pronounced as the series progresses.


Initially lacking psychic powers, Ritsu’s journey in “Mob Psycho 100” involves his own awakening to his esper abilities. Throughout the series, Ritsu’s psychic powers develop and grow stronger, allowing him to manipulate and control objects with his mind. His newfound powers give him a sense of power and confidence, and he becomes more willing to resort to psychic violence when necessary. Though not on the same level as his brother Mob, Ritsu’s abilities contribute significantly to the overall narrative of the series.


Ritsu Kageyama is a fictional character created by ONE, the mangaka behind the original “Mob Psycho 100” manga. The character first appeared in the manga and later gained popularity through the anime adaptation. Ritsu’s story arc and character development play a crucial role in exploring themes of power, ambition, and the complexities of sibling relationships within the narrative.

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Ritsu Kageyama – FAQ

Who is Ritsu Kageyama in “Mob Psycho 100”?

Ritsu Kageyama, also known as “Ritsu”, is a character from the anime and manga series “Mob Psycho 100” created by ONE. He is Mob’s younger brother and plays an important role in the story.

What are Ritsu’s skills and powers?

At first, Ritsu does not have psychic powers like his brother Mob, but he is highly intelligent and skilled in various fields. However, later in the series, after a series of events, Ritsu gains psychic abilities and undergoes a significant transformation.

What is Ritsu’s personality like?

Ritsu is portrayed as a serious and reserved character. He is highly ambitious and strives to surpass his older brother Mob in both academics and skills. Ritsu can be seen as a complex character who experiences internal conflicts as he struggles with his desires and the consequences of his actions.

How does Ritsu’s relationship with Mob develop over the course of the series?

At first, Ritsu idolizes his brother Mob and feels overshadowed by his incredible psychic powers. However, as the story progresses, their relationship becomes strained due to Ritsu’s desire to acquire psychic abilities and his involvement in certain events. Eventually, their bond is tested, but they find a way to reconcile and support each other.

What role does Ritsu play in the overall plot?

Ritsu’s character arc is essential to the overall narrative of Mob Psycho 100. His journey explores themes of jealousy, personal growth, and the consequences of one’s actions. Ritsu’s actions and decisions have a significant impact on the story and the lives of the other characters.

Are there any notable relationships or interactions that Ritsu has with other characters?

Ritsu has various relationships throughout the series. He has a complicated relationship with his brother Mob, as well as interactions with other key characters such as Teruki Hanazawa, Dimple, and Sho Suzuki. These relationships play a part in shaping Ritsu’s development and the overall plot.