Eboshi Gozen

Original Name (Japanese): エボシ御前
Romaji Name: Eboshi Gozen
Nicknames: Lady Eboshi
Series: Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Lady Eboshi is portrayed as a calm and collected individual who maintains a proper ladylike demeanor at all times. Despite her ambitious and determined nature, she is loved and respected by the people of Iron Town, especially the women and outcasts she has taken under her protection. Eboshi is an accomplished swordswoman and has a keen business sense that allows her to effectively lead and manage Iron Town.


Lady Eboshi’s background is somewhat vague, but it is implied that she has suffered some form of tragedy in her past. She was once a shirabyōshi, a type of female entertainer, before being taken hostage by pirates. Eboshi later married the pirate leader, but conspired with one of the crew members, Gonza, to rebel against her husband, eventually murdering him and freeing herself from the pirates.

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Lady Eboshi has a refined and elegant appearance, befitting her role as the leader of Iron Town. She has long, dark hair and often wears a traditional Japanese hat known as an eboshi. Her clothing consists of a high-collared kimono, which she wears with grace and poise.


In addition to her business acumen, Eboshi is a skilled swordswoman who can hold her own in combat. She also introduced the use of hand cannons, known as ishibiya, to Iron Town, demonstrating her technological and innovative mindset.


Lady Eboshi is a central character in the Studio Ghibli film “Princess Mononoke”, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. She represents the clash between industrialization and nature as the leader of a mining town that is encroaching on the forest and its inhabitants.

Eboshi Gozen – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Eboshi Gozen from “Mononoke Hime”:

Who is Eboshi Gozen?

Eboshi Gozen is a major character in the Studio Ghibli movie “Mononoke Hime” (Princess Mononoke). She is the female leader of Tatara, an industrial city that heavily pollutes the surrounding forest. Eboshi is a complex and multi-faceted character – on the one hand she is ruthless and willing to use violence to achieve her goals, but on the other hand she cares deeply for the people of Tatara and seeks to empower the downtrodden.

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What is Eboshi’s role in the story?

Eboshi is a central antagonist in “Mononoke Hime,” as the activities of her industrial town destroy the natural balance of the forest and lead to conflicts with the forest’s inhabitants, including the wolf goddess Moro and the enigmatic “Demon” she protects. Eboshi leads the people of Tatara in a war against the forest, but she is also driven by a desire to create a safe haven for social outcasts and marginalized people.

What is Eboshi’s backstory?

Eboshi’s backstory is somewhat ambiguous, but it is known that she previously worked as a brothel madam before founding the town of Tatara. She lost her right arm in a previous battle, which she replaced with a high-tech iron prosthesis. Eboshi’s experiences have hardened her and made her ruthless, but they have also given her a deep compassion and desire to protect the downtrodden of her city.

What is Eboshi’s relationship to Ashitaka?

Eboshi has a complex and changing relationship with Ashitaka, the protagonist of “Mononoke Hime”. At first, she sees Ashitaka as a threat and tries to have him killed. Over the course of the movie, however, she comes to respect Ashitaka’s courage and integrity, and even saves his life at one point. Eboshi recognizes that Ashitaka is caught between the warring factions of man and nature, and she admires his attempt to find a middle ground.

How does Eboshi’s character develop throughout the movie?

Over the course of “Mononoke Hime,” Eboshi’s character undergoes significant development and transformation. While she remains steadfast in her determination to protect Tatara and her people, she also begins to recognize the destruction that her industrial activities are causing to the forest. Eboshi’s final act in the film, in which she chooses to save the life of the forest spirit, demonstrates a newfound respect and appreciation for the natural world that she had previously sought to conquer.

What is Eboshi’s legacy?

Eboshi’s legacy in “Mononoke Hime” is complex and ambiguous. On the one hand, her actions have caused immense destruction to the natural world and pitted humans against the forest spirits. However, her desire to create a safe haven for the oppressed and her final act of saving the forest spirit reveal a more nuanced and morally ambiguous character. Eboshi’s story ultimately serves as a commentary on the tension between human progress and environmental preservation, and the need to find a balance between the two.