Anna Liebert

Original Name: アンナ・リーベルト
Romaji Name: Anna Rīberuto
Nicknames: Nina Fortner
Series: Monster
Age: Unspecified
Weight: Unspecified
Height: Unspecified
Date of Birth: April 7, 1975
Blood Type: Unspecified

Anna Liebert from “Monster”: A complex character with a haunting past

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Anna Liebert, also known as Nina Fortner, is a multifaceted character with a complex personality. She is portrayed as kind, brave, and selfless, with a strong sense of justice. Despite her exceptional skill with a gun, Anna finds it difficult to harm even the most despicable criminals. This moral struggle shows her compassionate nature and reluctance to resort to violence.


Anna’s tragic past plays an important role in shaping her character. She is Johan Liebert’s twin sister and the sole survivor of a horrific incident in which her parents and brother were murdered during a botched burglary. After the traumatic event, Anna initially suffered from amnesia due to the psychological trauma she endured. Eventually she and Johan disappeared, and Anna was adopted by the Fortner family, unaware of her true identity as Anna Liebert.


Anna Liebert has a distinctive appearance that complements her enigmatic character. She is portrayed as an attractive young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. Her physical appearance contrasts with the darkness that surrounds her past and adds to her mysterious aura.


As a character in the “Monster” series, Anna displays remarkable abilities. While living as Nina Fortner, she becomes a diligent law student at an unnamed university, most likely the University of Heidelberg. She is also highly skilled in aikido, demonstrating her ability in martial arts. These skills contribute to her character development as she navigates the complex web of Johan’s actions.


Anna Liebert’s origin is deeply intertwined with the intricate narrative of Monster. Her connection to Johan and the traumatic events she has experienced shape her journey throughout the series. Anna’s transformation from amnesiac victim to determined pursuer of Johan adds depth to her character and drives the overarching plot.

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Anna Liebert – FAQ

Who is Anna Liebert in “Monster”?

Anna Liebert is a central character in the manga and anime series “Monster” created by Naoki Urasawa. She is a young woman who plays an important role in the story’s complex web of mystery and intrigue.

What is Anna Liebert’s background?

Anna Liebert, originally known as “Johan Liebert”, is a survivor of a traumatic event in her childhood. She was subjected to cruel experiments and psychological manipulation that had a profound effect on her life and identity.

Is Anna Liebert a protagonist or an antagonist?

Anna Liebert’s character can be seen as both protagonist and antagonist throughout the series. Her actions and motivations are complex and often ambiguous, blurring the line between good and evil. Her role in the story evolves and unfolds gradually, keeping the audience guessing.

What are Anna Liebert’s powers?

Anna Liebert does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities in the traditional sense. However, she is portrayed as highly intelligent and manipulative, able to influence others to achieve her goals. Her charisma and cunning make her a formidable force in the story.

What is the relationship between Anna Liebert and the main character, Dr. Kenzo Tenma?

Dr. Kenzo Tenma, the protagonist of the series, has a significant connection with Anna Liebert. He first saves her life at a critical moment in her childhood, and their paths cross again as the story progresses. Their relationship becomes complex and intertwined, with Tenma’s search for the truth about Anna a driving force in the narrative.

Does Anna Liebert have any redeeming qualities?

Despite her morally ambiguous actions, Anna Liebert does have some redeeming qualities. She possesses a strong will and determination, as well as a deep understanding of human nature. Her experiences have shaped her into a complex character who inspires both sympathy and intrigue in the audience.