Koito Minase

Original Name 水無瀬 小糸
Romaji Name Koito Minase
Series Musaigen no Phantom World
Date of Birth
Blood Type


Koito Minase from the anime series “Musaigen no Phantom World” is portrayed as a character with a complex and reserved personality. Due to her extraordinary powers, she prefers to operate alone and maintain a sense of independence. Koito’s isolation stems from her childhood experiences, where her powers caused fear and alienation among her classmates, friends, and even her own parents.
Despite her reserved nature, Koito possesses a strong sense of determination and resilience. She is known for her unwavering focus and dedication when it comes to fighting Phantoms. Koito’s special ability allows her to use the sound waves produced by singing as a means of fighting these supernatural entities.

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Koito Minase’s past is marked by the manifestation of her extraordinary powers at a young age. This early display of power caused fear and misunderstanding among those around her, leading to her isolation as a child. As a result, Koito developed a preference for solitude and self-reliance.
Upon entering high school, Koito transfers to Hosea Academy as a new student. Her arrival introduces a new dynamic to the story, as her unique abilities and enigmatic personality attract the attention of her classmates and the main protagonist, Haruhiko Ichijo.


Koito Minase has a cool and beautiful appearance, characterized by her average build and height. Her wavy hair, which falls just below her chin, is dyed in a captivating shade. Koito is often seen wearing headphones, adding to her distinctive visual style. Her clothing choices reflect her penchant for individuality and the sense of distance she maintains from others.


Koito Minase has a special ability that allows her to use the sound waves generated by her singing to fight phantoms. This unique power gives her the means to fight against supernatural entities. Koito’s ability to use sound as a weapon demonstrates her skill and control over her abilities.
In addition to her combat skills, Koito’s powers also allow her to emit a powerful scream. This ability contributes to her effectiveness in fighting phantoms and adds another layer to her skill set.


Koito Minase is from the anime series “Musaigen no Phantom World”. Within the context of the series, she is a significant character who plays a central role in the narrative. As a newly transferred student with extraordinary powers, Koito’s arrival sparks intrigue and curiosity among her classmates, leading to her involvement in various adventures and battles against Phantoms.
Koito’s character development throughout the series explores her past, her struggles with isolation, and her journey toward self-acceptance. Her interactions and relationships with other characters, especially Haruhiko Ichijo, contribute to the overall narrative and thematic elements of the series.

Koito Minase – FAQ

Who is Koito Minase in “Musaigen no Phantom World”?

Koito Minase is one of the main characters in the anime series “Musaigen no Phantom World”, also known as “Myriad Colors Phantom World”. She is a student at the Hosea Academy and has the ability to manipulate sound waves.

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What are Koito Minase’s special skills?

Koito Minase has the ability to control and manipulate sound waves. She can create powerful sonic attacks, disrupt enemy abilities through sonic interference, and even create sound barriers for protection. Her abilities make her a valuable asset in the fight against Phantoms, supernatural entities that threaten the human world in the series.

How does Koito Minase initially interact with the other main characters?

When Koito Minase is first introduced in the series, she initially isolates herself from the other main characters due to her past experiences and personal struggles. However, as the story progresses, she gradually becomes more involved with the group and forms bonds with them, working together to overcome challenges and protect the human world from phantoms.

What is Koito Minase’s personality like?

Koito Minase is initially portrayed as aloof, distant, and somewhat cold to others. She is known for her sharp tongue and blunt manner. However, underneath her tough exterior, she harbors insecurities and a sense of loneliness. As the story unfolds, her character develops and she learns to open up and trust her newfound friends.

Does Koito Minase have significant character development?

Yes, Koito Minase undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As she interacts with the other main characters and confronts her past traumas, she gradually learns to trust others, express her emotions, and form deep relationships. Her journey includes overcoming her personal struggles and becoming an integral part of the group.

What role does Koito Minase play in the overall plot?

Koito Minase plays a crucial role in the overall plot of “Musaigen no Phantom World”. Her unique abilities and personal struggles contribute to the development of the plot. As she becomes more involved with the other main characters, they work together to uncover the truth behind the Phantom World and find ways to protect humanity from its threats.