Reina Izumi

Original Name: 和泉 玲奈
Romaji Name: Izumi Reina
Nicknames: None
Series: Musaigen no Phantom World
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Reina Izumi of Musaigen no Phantom World

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Reina Izumi, a character from the anime series Musaigen no Phantom World, has a vibrant and energetic personality. She is portrayed as a friendly and outgoing individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand to her friends and fellow club members. Reina has a strong sense of loyalty and is deeply devoted to her companions. Despite her cheerful demeanor, she can also be quite stubborn and headstrong when it comes to pursuing her goals and protecting those she cares about.


Reina Izumi’s background is marked by her unique ability to seal phantoms by consuming them. She has a voracious appetite, which often poses a financial challenge as she struggles to afford enough food to satisfy her hunger. Reina practices Aikido and uses her martial arts skills to help fight Phantoms alongside her friends. However, her parents disapprove of her involvement with the Phantoms and constantly discourage her from using her abilities, leading to a strained relationship with them.


Reina Izumi is distinguished by her distinctive physical appearance. She has long, black hair that cascades down her back, complementing her bright and expressive eyes. Standing at an average height, Reina’s appearance reflects her youthful and energetic nature. She is often seen in her school uniform, showing her dedication to her studies and extracurricular activities.


Reina Izumi has the unique ability to seal phantoms by consuming them. Her insatiable appetite allows her to devour these supernatural creatures, effectively neutralizing their threat. This special ability makes her an invaluable asset to her club, helping to protect her fellow members and eliminate dangerous entities. In addition, Reina’s proficiency in Aikido enhances her combat skills, allowing her to engage in physical confrontations with Phantoms when necessary.


Reina Izumi comes from the anime series Musaigen no Phantom World, where she is one of the main characters. She attends the Hosea Academy and becomes a member of the Phantom Hunters Club, Team E, along with her friends. Reina’s journey revolves around her growth as a Phantom Hunter, her interactions with her peers, and her ongoing struggle to balance her personal desires with her parents’ disapproval. Throughout the series, Reina’s tenacity and determination shine through as she embraces her role as a defender against phantoms and navigates the complexities of her relationships.

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Reina Izumi – FAQ

Who is Reina Izumi in “Musaigen no Phantom World”?

Reina Izumi is one of the main characters in the anime series “Musaigen no Phantom World”, also known as “Myriad Colors Phantom World”. She is a high school student and a member of the Phantom Hunting Club, a group that specializes in dealing with supernatural creatures called phantoms.

What are Reina Izumi’s abilities in “Musaigen no Phantom World”?

Reina has the ability to control and manipulate the elements, especially fire and heat. She can generate flames from her hands and use them as offensive weapons or for other practical purposes. Her pyrokinetic abilities make her a formidable asset in the fight against the Phantoms.

What is Reina Izumi’s personality like?

Reina is known for her energetic and upbeat personality. She is often seen with a bright smile on her face and has a positive outlook on life. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Reina is also very determined and never backs down from a challenge.

What is the relationship between Reina Izumi and the other characters in the series?

Reina is good friends with the other members of the Phantom Hunting Club, including Haruhiko Ichijo, Mai Kawakami, and Koito Minase. They work together as a team to fight phantoms and protect the city. Reina has a particularly close bond with Haruhiko and often teases him.

Does Reina Izumi have any weaknesses or limitations?

While Reina is a powerful pyrokinetic, she has limited control over her abilities. At times, her flames can become uncontrollable and cause unintended damage. In addition, Reina’s powers are less effective against Phantoms that are resistant to heat or fire-based attacks.

Does Reina Izumi have any notable moments or achievements in the series?

Throughout the series, Reina displays her impressive fighting skills and contributes greatly to the Phantom Hunting Club’s missions. She has several memorable moments unleashing her fiery powers to defeat powerful phantoms and protect her friends. Reina’s determination and bravery make her a valuable asset to the team.