Original Name ギンコ
Romaji Name Ginko
Nicknames Yoki
Series Mushishi
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Ginko is a main character in the anime and manga series “Mushishi”. He is a mushi master, also known as a mushishi, who travels from place to place to study mushi and help people suffering from problems caused by them. Ginko’s role as a mushishi is to understand and interact with mushi, supernatural beings that exist alongside humans but are often invisible and mysterious to them.


Ginko is portrayed as a relaxed individual with a calm and collected demeanor. He has a deep respect for nature and the balance of the world. Despite being placed in dangerous situations, Ginko remains calm and focused on his mission to help those affected by Mushi. He is known for his empathy and willingness to help others, even if it means risking his own well-being.


Ginko’s past is shrouded in mystery. When Nui found him, he was wounded and abandoned in the woods, prompting her to take care of him. He initially went by the name “Yoki” until Nui was consumed by the ginko mushi. As a result of this incident, Ginko lost his memory and was forced to take on a new name, eventually settling on “Ginko” as the only thing he could remember.


Ginko’s appearance is distinctive and unique. He has unusual white hair and green eyes, the result of an incident with a mushi that occurred when he was a child. He also has a calm and collected expression, reflecting his calm nature. Ginko is often seen wearing traditional clothing, including a kimono and straw hat, further emphasizing his connection to nature.


As a Mushishi, Ginko has extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with Mushi. He has a deep understanding of the different types of mushi and their effects on humans. Ginko is adept at identifying mushi-related problems and finding solutions to alleviate their effects on individuals and communities. He often uses his intellect, intuition, and resourcefulness to develop unique methods of dealing with mushi-related phenomena.


Ginko’s origins and the exact nature of his abilities are not fully explained in the series. However, it is revealed that Ginko has a rare affinity for mushi, which is both a blessing and a curse. His ability to attract mushi inspires his transient lifestyle, as staying in one place for too long can lead to an accumulation of dangerous mushi. Ginko’s constant smoking is a method he uses to keep mushi away from him.

Ginkgo – FAQ

What is Ginko’s role in “Mushishi”?

Ginko is the main character of the anime and manga series “Mushishi”. He is a traveling mushishi, a person who studies and deals with supernatural creatures known as “mushi”. Ginko’s job is to investigate and solve various problems caused by mushi encounters.

What are the mushi in Mushishi?

Mushi are supernatural creatures or beings that exist in the world of Mushishi. They are neither plants nor animals and inhabit a space between the physical and spiritual realms. Mushi can have various effects on the natural world and humans, often causing strange phenomena or illnesses.

Is Ginko itself a Mushi?

No, Ginko is not a Mushi. He is a human with a deep understanding of Mushi and their behavior. Ginko has a unique ability to perceive mushi, which allows him to interact with them and find ways to solve problems caused by their presence.

How does Ginko help people in “Mushishi”?

Ginko helps people affected by mushi by investigating the incidents or problems they are facing. He uses his knowledge and expertise to identify the mushi involved, understand their nature and behavior, and find ways to mitigate their effects. Ginko’s goal is to restore balance and harmony between humans and mushi.

Does Ginko have any special powers or tools?

Ginko has a unique set of abilities and tools to aid him in his encounters with mushi. His most notable ability is his heightened senses, which allow him to see mushi that are invisible to ordinary people. Ginko also carries a bag of tools, including a variety of herbs, powders, and other items that he uses to counteract the effects of mushi or to protect himself during his investigations.

Are there other characters in Mushishi besides Ginko?

Yes, “Mushishi” features a variety of other characters who interact with Ginko throughout the series. Some characters are individuals who seek Ginko’s help or are affected by mushi, while others are fellow mushishi or people with a deep connection to the mushi world. These characters play important roles in the stories, often providing different perspectives on the relationship between humans and mushi.