Totonou Kunou

Original Name (Japanese): 久能 整
Romaji Name: Kunou Totonou
Nicknames: None
Series: Mystery to Iu nakare (Don’t Call It Mystery)
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Here is an article about Totonou Kunou from the anime/manga “Mystery to Iu nakare”:


Totonou Kunou is a college student who loves curry and often finds himself involved in various cases. He has good observation skills and often questions things that are taken for granted in society. Despite his complex about his natural perm and his lack of friends or a girlfriend, he remains dedicated to solving mysteries.

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Totonou Kunou is the main protagonist of the series “Mystery to Iu nakare”. He is a college student who is passionate about curry and often finds himself in mysterious situations. Despite his loner tendencies, he has a strong sense of justice and is driven to uncover the truth behind the cases he encounters.


Totonou Kunou has a distinctive appearance, with his natural perm being a source of self-confidence for him. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and is often seen wearing casual clothing such as t-shirts and jeans. His appearance is described as somewhat unassuming, but his keen observation and problem-solving skills make him a formidable detective.


Totonou Kunou’s greatest strength lies in his impressive powers of observation and his analytical mind. He is able to notice the smallest details and use them to solve complex puzzles. His ability to question the status quo and think outside the box often helps him come up with unconventional solutions to the cases he investigates.


Totonou Kunou is the main character of the manga series “Mystery to Iu nakare” (Don’t Call It Mystery), created by Yumi Tamura. The series follows Totonou as he faces various mysteries and challenges, often using his unique perspective and problem-solving skills to come to unexpected conclusions.

Totonou Kunou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Totonou Kunou from “Mystery to Iu nakare”:

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Who is Totonou Kunou?

Totonou Kunou is one of the main characters in the Japanese novel “Mystery to Iu nakare”. He is a young detective working to solve a series of mysterious murders in the fictional town of Ryugasaki.

What is Totonou Kunou’s role in the story?

Totonou Kunou is the lead investigator trying to uncover the truth behind a series of unexplained deaths in Ryugasaki. He uses his sharp detective skills and keen intellect to piece together clues and track down the culprit.

What are Totonou Kunou’s personality traits?

Totonou is described as meticulous, analytical, and very observant. He is dedicated to his work and driven to solve the case, often working tirelessly despite obstacles. At the same time, he is socially awkward and struggles to connect with others on a personal level.

How does Totonou Kunou’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the novel, Totonou is challenged both professionally and personally as he delves deeper into the mystery. He is forced to confront his own prejudices and weaknesses, which leads to growth and a better understanding of himself and the people around him.

What is Totonou Kunou’s relationship to the other main characters?

Totonou’s primary relationships are with his police partner, Miwako Sato, and the novelist Ranpo Edogawa, who assists in the investigation. While he sometimes butts heads with both, he ultimately comes to rely on and respect them as valuable colleagues and friends.

What is the significance of Totonou Kunou in the overall themes of the novel?

Totonou Kunou represents the search for truth and justice in the face of darkness and uncertainty. His journey to discover the identity of the murderer explores themes of morality, the nature of evil, and the power of logic and reason to triumph over the unknown.