Reiko Natsume

Japanese Name 夏目 レイコ
Romaji Name Natsume Reiko
Nicknames None
Series Natsume Yuujinchou
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A mysterious character from Natsume Yuujinchou


Reiko Natsume, a key character in the anime and manga series Natsume Yuujinchou, has a complex and enigmatic personality. She has been despised and shunned by both humans and yokai alike, resulting in her ongoing social isolation. Reiko’s experiences shaped her into a strong-willed individual with a mischievous and solitary nature. Her high spiritual energy gave her the ability to see and seal yokai, and she used this power to her advantage. Despite her troubled past, Reiko longed for companionship and created the Book of Friends as a means of connecting with the spirit world.


Reiko Natsume is Takashi Natsume’s maternal grandmother and the source of his inherited ability to see Yokai. She possessed an extraordinary spiritual power that allowed her to interact with and control the supernatural beings around her. However, Reiko’s unique gifts also made her an outcast in the human world, leading her to seek solace and friendship among yokai. To forge these bonds, she developed a method of binding yokai to her by their names, which she collected in the Book of Friends. Reiko’s tragic fate befell her at a young age, leaving her memory forgotten by others.


Reiko Natsume’s appearance reflects her mysterious nature. She is depicted as a young woman with long, flowing black hair and captivating golden eyes. She is often dressed in traditional Japanese attire, emphasizing her connection to the spiritual realm. Reiko’s appearance exudes a sense of elegance and otherworldly charm, befitting her role as a wielder of spiritual power.


Reiko possessed immense spiritual energy, exceeding that of an average human. This power gave her the ability to perceive and interact with Yokai. She could seal yokai by using her power to play games with them, using their names as leverage. The names she collected were inscribed in the Book of Friends, giving her the power to summon and control the yokai whose names were recorded in its pages. Reiko’s sealing process involved the use of her saliva and breath, making it a unique and personal technique.

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Reiko Natsume’s origins lie in the world of Natsume Yuujinchou, a captivating anime and manga series created by Yuki Midorikawa. The series follows the story of Takashi Natsume, Reiko’s grandson, who inherits her ability to see Yokai and embarks on a journey to return the names in the Book of Friends to their rightful owners. Reiko’s character plays a significant role in shaping Takashi’s experiences and understanding of the spirit world. Her tragic past and the legacy she leaves behind serve as a driving force throughout the series, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.
Reiko Natsume remains a fascinating and pivotal character in the world of Natsume Yuujinchou. Her troubled past, unique abilities, and enigmatic personality contribute to the rich storytelling and exploration of the supernatural realm. As the series unfolds, the mysteries surrounding Reiko continue to captivate audiences and offer glimpses into a world where humans and Yokai coexist in a delicate balance.

Reiko Natsume – FAQ

FAQ about Reiko Natsume from “Natsume Yuujinchou

Who is Reiko Natsume?
Reiko Natsume is the grandmother of the main protagonist, Takashi Natsume, in the anime and manga series “Natsume Yuujinchou”. She was known for her ability to see and communicate with ghosts, just like her grandson.
How does Reiko Natsume communicate with spirits?
Reiko Natsume had the unique ability to see spirits, and she often made contracts with them by writing their names in the Book of Friends. Through these contracts, she gained control over the spirits and could command them to do her bidding.
What is the Book of Friends?
The Book of Friends is a powerful supernatural artifact that Takashi Natsume inherited from his grandmother, Reiko. It contains the names of various spirits that Reiko had met and made deals with during her lifetime. The book is coveted by both ghosts and humans, as it grants control over the ghosts whose names are written in it.
What kind of person was Reiko Natsume?
Reiko Natsume was portrayed as a complex character. She had a strong and independent personality, often described as stubborn and headstrong. She was also mischievous and often teased the ghosts she encountered. Despite her tough exterior, Reiko had a compassionate side and cared deeply for her family.
Did Reiko Natsume have any regrets?
Yes, Reiko Natsume regretted the way she had treated the spirits in her youth. As she grew older, she realized that many ghosts had suffered because of the contracts she had made with them. She regretted her actions and tried to find a way to free the spirits from their contracts.
How does Reiko Natsume’s legacy affect Takashi Natsume?
Reiko Natsume’s legacy greatly influences Takashi Natsume’s life. He inherits the Book of Friends and continues to encounter ghosts just like his grandmother. Takashi embarks on a journey to return the names of the ghosts in the book and make meaningful connections with them, striving to undo the mistakes of the past.