Mikoto Urabe

Original Name 卜部美琴
Romaji Name Urabe Mikoto
Nicknames Unknown
Series Nazo no Kanojo X
Age 17 Years Old
Weight 53 kg
Height 162 cm (5’3″)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The mysterious friend of “Nazo no Kanojo X”.


Mikoto Urabe, the enigmatic protagonist of the anime and manga series “Nazo no Kanojo X” (also known as “Mysterious Girlfriend X”), has a unique and intriguing personality. She is often seen as a strange and mysterious girl due to her unconventional behavior. Urabe likes to cut things with her “panty scissors” and has a tendency to fall asleep during class. She prefers to keep to herself and has limited social interactions, only hanging out with her boyfriend, Akira Tsubaki, and her only friend, Oka. Despite her eccentricities, Urabe is known for her genuine and sincere nature, especially towards Tsubaki, for whom she cares deeply.


Urabe is a transfer student who joins Tsubaki’s school and becomes the center of his attention and affection. Tsubaki falls in love with her after a series of dreams and the development of a unique bond through the exchange of saliva. This unorthodox bond, known as the “drool bond,” becomes a central aspect of their relationship. As the series progresses, more is revealed about Urabe’s past and her reasons for changing schools, adding depth to her character and fueling the mystery surrounding her.


Mikoto Urabe is a 17-year-old girl with distinctive physical features. She stands 162 cm (5’3″) tall, has a slender build, and weighs around 53 kg (110 lbs). Urabe is characterized by her unruly, thick black hair that partially covers her face, adding to her air of mystery. Her unique hairstyle has become an iconic aspect of her appearance. Despite her unconventional style, she exudes a certain charm and allure.


One of Urabe’s most notable abilities is her skill with “panty scissors,” which she uses to cut various objects. While the origin and purpose of these scissors remain mysterious, they serve as a symbol of her individuality and play a significant role in the series. In addition, Urabe possesses a keen intuition and perceptiveness, often able to read the emotions and thoughts of those around her. Her ability to understand Tsubaki’s feelings and provide him with emotional support is a key aspect of their relationship.


Mikoto Urabe comes from the manga series “Nazo no Kanojo X” created by Riichi Ueshiba. The series, which ran from 2004 to 2014, gained popularity for its unique premise and unconventional romance. It was later adapted into an anime television series in 2012, further expanding the fan base. Urabe’s character and his relationship with Tsubaki captivated audiences, offering a fresh take on love and connection.
Mikoto Urabe’s enigmatic nature, distinctive appearance, and unorthodox relationship with Akira Tsubaki make her a compelling and memorable character in the world of Nazo no Kanojo X. Her mysterious personality and unconventional actions add depth and intrigue to the series, contributing to its popularity among fans.

Mikoto Urabe – FAQ

Who is Mikoto Urabe?

Mikoto Urabe is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Nazo no Kanojo X” (Mysterious Girlfriend X). She is one of the main protagonists and the love interest of the male protagonist, Akira Tsubaki.

What is Mikoto Urabe’s personality like?

Mikoto Urabe is portrayed as an enigmatic and mysterious girl. She is introverted, quiet, and often seems unemotional. However, she is also caring, loyal, and deeply devoted to her relationship with Akira. She has a unique way of expressing her emotions, often through her saliva.

What does Mikoto Urabe’s saliva mean?

Mikoto Urabe’s saliva plays a central role in the series. When Akira tastes her saliva, it creates a bond between them, allowing him to experience her emotions and feelings. It serves as a symbol of their deep connection and intimacy.

How does Mikoto Urabe deal with her relationship with Akira?

Mikoto Urabe is very devoted to her relationship with Akira. She is protective of their bond and can sometimes be jealous or possessive. She values honesty and expects the same from Akira. Despite her reserved nature, she gradually opens up to him and becomes more expressive.

Does Mikoto Urabe have any special skills?

Although Mikoto Urabe has no supernatural abilities, her saliva has unique properties in the context of the story. It allows her to transmit her emotions and feelings to Akira, creating a deep emotional bond between them. Otherwise, she is portrayed as an ordinary high school girl.

What is Mikoto Urabe’s role in the series?

Mikoto Urabe plays a central role in “Nazo no Kanojo X”. Her character represents mystery, intimacy, and unconventional ways of expressing emotions. She serves as a catalyst for Akira’s personal growth and exploration of his own emotions. Their relationship is at the heart of the series.