Japanese Name シナモン
Romaji Name Cinnamon
Nicknames None
Series Nekopara OVA
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 150 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Cinnamon from “Nekopara OVA

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Cinnamon, a character from “Nekopara OVA”, is known for her shy and cheerful nature. She is the third oldest cat girl in the Minazuki family. Cinnamon has an active and somewhat perverted imagination, which leads her to interpret everyday events in a sexual manner. This tendency often causes her to become aroused. Despite her shamelessness in displaying this trait, she shows her cheerful and playful side, even performing such acts in public or in front of customers at La Soleil.


In the “Nekopara” series, Cinnamon is a Scottish Fold cat girl who belongs to the Minazuki family. The Minazuki family runs a pastry shop called La Soleil, which serves as the main setting for the series. Cinnamon plays a supporting role in the “Nekopara OVA” and also appears in other related media, such as the visual novel game and subsequent anime adaptations.


Cinnamon is portrayed as an anthropomorphic cat girl with distinctive features of a Scottish Fold. She has large, round eyes and long, fluffy ears that fold forward. Her hair is light brown to match the cinnamon spice that her name refers to. Cinnamon is about 150 cm tall and her three sizes are B92-W56-H83.


While specific abilities are not outlined in the available information, it is important to note that the “Nekopara” series focuses primarily on the interactions and relationships between the catgirls and the human characters. The catgirls in the series possess feline qualities and exhibit human-level intelligence. They contribute to the daily operations of La Soleil and provide companionship to the human characters.


Cinnamon originates from the visual novel game “Nekopara” developed by Neko Works. The game was released in 2014 and gained popularity for its cute catgirl characters and charming storylines. Due to its success, “Nekopara” has been adapted into various media formats, including anime and manga. Cinnamon’s character design and personality were created to contribute to the overall charm and appeal of the series.
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Cinnamon – FAQ

Who is Cinnamon in “Nekopara OVA”?

Cinnamon is one of the main characters in the “Nekopara OVA”. She is a catgirl, specifically a Scottish Fold breed, and serves as one of the maids in the Minaduki family’s patisserie.

What are Cinnamon’s personality traits?

Cinnamon is known for her gentle and relaxed nature. She often appears sleepy and has a relaxed demeanor. She is also quite affectionate and enjoys being pampered and cuddled by others.

What is Cinnamon’s role in the plot of “Nekopara OVA”?

In the “Nekopara OVA”, Cinnamon contributes to the overall charm and comedic moments of the story. She plays a supporting role as one of the adorable catgirls working at the cake shop, providing entertainment and light-hearted interactions with the other characters.

Does Cinnamon have any physical characteristics?

Yes, Cinnamon’s most notable physical feature is her folded ears, which are characteristic of the Scottish Fold breed. This unique feature adds to her charm and makes her easily recognizable among the other catgirls in “Nekopara OVA”.

What is Cinnamon’s relationship to the other characters?

Cinnamon gets along well with the other catgirls in the series. She shares a close bond with her fellow maids and often engages in playful banter and friendly interactions with them. She also develops affectionate relationships with the human characters, especially the protagonist, as they care for and interact with her.

Can you describe Cinnamon’s appearance?

Cinnamon has a beautiful appearance typical of a Scottish Fold female. She has a creamy coat with tan and white patches. Her most distinctive feature is her folded ears, which give her a unique and cute look. Cinnamon is often seen wearing a maid’s uniform as part of her role in the Patisserie.