Aoba Suzukaze

Original Name 涼風 青葉
Romaji Name Suzukaze Aoba
Nicknames N/A
Series New Game!
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight N/A
Height 149 cm
Date of Birth February 2
Blood Type O

Aoba Suzukaze from “New Game! A talented and enthusiastic rookie character designer

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Aoba Suzukaze is a main character in the anime and manga series “New Game!”. Known for her cheerful and optimistic personality, she is portrayed as a hardworking and dedicated individual. Aoba is passionate about her work as a character designer and has a deep love for video games. She is often seen as determined and focused, always striving to improve her skills and contribute to the success of her team. Despite her young age, Aoba displays a maturity beyond her years, handling challenges and setbacks with resilience and a positive attitude.


Aoba Suzukaze is a recent high school graduate who joins the game company Eagle Jump as a rookie artist. Her decision to work at Eagle Jump is driven by her admiration for the company that produced her favorite game. Aoba’s background as a video game fan fuels her passion for her work and allows her to connect with the industry on a personal level. Her journey as a character designer in the game industry is a central part of the story in “New Game!


Aoba has a petite and youthful appearance that often leads others to mistake her for a middle school student, even though she is an adult. She has short brown hair and expressive blue eyes. Her distinctive round glasses add a touch of charm to her overall appearance. Aoba’s wardrobe usually consists of casual and comfortable clothes, reflecting her down-to-earth personality.


As a character designer, Aoba has a keen eye for art and design. She demonstrates creativity and talent in conceptualizing and illustrating characters for video games. Aoba’s artistic skills allow her to bring life and personality to the virtual world. Throughout the series, she continues to develop her skills, learning from experienced colleagues and overcoming various artistic challenges. Her dedication and hard work contribute to her growth as a skilled character designer.


Aoba Suzukaze is a fictional character created for the anime and manga series “New Game! The series follows her journey as a rookie character designer at Eagle Jump, providing insight into the game industry and showing the challenges and triumphs she experiences along the way. Aoba’s character development and interactions with her co-workers form an integral part of the narrative, highlighting her growth as an artist and an individual.

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Aoba Suzukaze – FAQ

Who is Aoba Suzukaze?

Aoba Suzukaze is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “New Game! She is the main protagonist and a young aspiring character designer who joins the game development company Eagle Jump.

What is Aoba’s role at Eagle Jump?

Aoba is a character designer at Eagle Jump. Her job is to create concept art, character designs, and illustrations for the company’s video game projects.

How does Aoba’s journey at Eagle Jump begin?

Aoba’s journey at Eagle Jump begins when she is hired as a new employee right out of high school. She joins the company’s character design department and starts working with her colleagues to create a new game.

What are Aoba’s personality traits?

Aoba is known for her cheerful and optimistic personality. She is passionate about video games and has a strong artistic sense. Aoba is also hardworking, determined, and strives to improve her skills as a character designer.

Does Aoba face any challenges in her career?

Yes, Aoba faces several challenges in her career. As a new employee, she has to learn and adapt to the professional environment of Eagle Jump. She also has to deal with the pressure of meeting deadlines, working with colleagues, and honing her skills to become a successful character designer.

Does Aoba have a close relationship with her co-workers?

Yes, Aoba develops close relationships with several of her colleagues at Eagle Jump. She becomes good friends with her mentor, Kou Yagami, and forms bonds with other character designers such as Hifumi Takimoto and Yun Iijima. Aoba’s friendly and supportive nature helps her build strong relationships within the company.